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See the "How to Apply" page of the PhD program for other application requirements, including how to apply to the Graduate School.

Applications for the PhD program are accepted year round. Decisions regarding departmental assistantships are made during Spring semester.

Please review the application form and have the required information available before you begin. You may wish to compose your longer responses in advance and paste or upload them into the application. This will prevent your session from timing out.

For email, do not use a school account that will be disabled when you graduate. Email is used to communicate important information about your application. Be sure to check your email often.

List colleges/universities attended, most recent first

(ex. Bachelor’s or Master’s)
(ex. Bachelor’s or Master’s)
(ex. Bachelor’s or Master’s)

GRE scores (taken within past 5 years). The department requires a minimum Verbal of 150 and Quantitative of 150.

Grades- Applicants must have completed chemistry, and either biochemistry or physiology with a minimum grade of C.

List the faculty that you would like to be your advisor. View Directory.

Note: These faculty do not currently serve as Advisors (so do not select them): Bailey, Brigman, Grossman, Hall, Laing, Short and Stotz.

If you wish to be considered for an assistantship, list your qualifications for a teaching or research assistant position. (Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for assistantships).

If you intend to complete your dpd coursework in addition to your graduate degree, you must submit the Post Baccalaureate DPD Application and received confirmation of space availability from the dpd program director, Dr. Emma Laing.

For international applicants only. The department requires a minimum TOEFL score of 90 or a minimum IELTS score of 6.5.

For the following entries, you may attach a file or type into the box below.

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