Research in the Maternal and Child Nutrition Laboratory focuses on factors that influence pregnancy outcomes, infant and child feeding practices, and childhood and adolescent growth.

  • Birch Lab

    Our research focuses on early obesity prevention, including pilot research focused on early infant feeding and rapid weight gain. The project seeks to assess how early infant feeding mode (breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding) affects changes in infant growth over the first 16 weeks postpartum. We are also investigating gestational weight gain, and how infant feeding methods are related to postpartum weight loss, infant growth and body composition.

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  • Anderson Lab

    Our research examines the role of body composition changes during pregnancy and how this impacts pregnancy outcomes. We study gestational weight gain, changes in body composition during gestation and how these affect health during and post pregnancy. We are also evaluating the parental practices that support positive eating behaviors during independent eating occasions of early adolescent children with a multi-site team.

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