The first step to becoming a registered dietitian

This nationally accredited dietetics program prepares you to apply to a post-graduate dietetic internship to become a registered dietitian. Dietetics professionals are in high demand to address challenges in the health care arena to treat and prevent diseases; they work in hospitals, clinics, government agencies, universities, schools, and businesses to deliver innovative educational programs and nutrition care services designed to enhance public health.

Nutritional Sciences
Enter a medical field or pursue graduate training

This pre-medical program provides a comprehensive undergraduate experience to prepare you for careers in the health sciences, including medicine, pharmacy and dentistry. Students fulfill all requirements for admission into medical, dental, pharmacy, and allied health schools while learning the critical role that diet plays in preventing and treating disease. The knowledge base provided by this program provides a solid foundation in the basic sciences, including biochemistry, physiology and genetics coupled with specialized courses related to how nutritional status is impacted by life cycle stage, exercise, drugs, and behavior. This program also provides an ideal foundation for graduate programs leading to advanced degrees required for careers in academics.

Culinary Science and Nutrition
Your doorway into the food industry  

Students apply knowledge about foods and ingredients to food selection, preparation, processing, storage, and serving of safe food to the consumer. The curriculum includes essential coursework that enables students to gain an understanding of the role of diet in maintaining health and preventing disease as well as the importance of ensuring that food is prepared, preserved and served in a safe manner. The Culinary Science and Nutrition Program prepares students for positions in the food industry, institutional food service (e.g. hospitals, schools, etc.), and for food and nutrition related educational positions.

Planning to earn a Master's Degree? Consider the Dual Degree Double Dawg
Complete your B.S. and M.S. in 5 years of full-time study or less!

After admission to the Double Dawg pathway, you can start working on your M.S. as an undergraduate. With planning, it can take just one additional year or less to complete your M.S. degree. Visit our Dual Degree Programs webpage for additional information. 

Want to teach?

FACS Education enables you to prepare middle and high school students for careers in Family and Consumer Sciences. Graduates teach foods and nutrition courses.

Want your own business?

Our Entrepreneurship Certificate teaches you the valuable skills you'll need in order to build your own business in the area of foods or nutrition.