Agent Spotlight

Agents share training, research and publications through Extension offices located throughout Georgia. Below you'll find some of our FACS agents. For all agents, visit UGA Extension's Know Your Agent.

  • Kristen Sumpter

    Kristen Sumpter

    Fulton County agent loves interacting with the community

  • Roxie Price

    Roxie Price

    A retired FACS agent in Thomas County inspired Roxie Price to pursue a career in Extension

    Extension and Outreach

  • Rachel Stewart

    Rachel Stewart

    Stewart has been with Extension for 15 years

    Extension and Outreach

  • Betty English

    Betty English

    Love for Extension work was born early

    Extension and Outreach

  • Cindee Sweda

    Cindee Sweda

    Extension and Outreach

  • Susan Moore

    Susan Moore

    Susan Moore has worked in Extension for nine years

    Extension and Outreach, Foods and Nutrition

  • Mitzi Parker

    Mitzi Parker

    Sumter County agent loves being involved in her community through Extension

    Extension and Outreach

  • Kimberly Jenkins

    Kimberly Jenkins

    Serving others provides indescribable fulfillment for Jenkins

    Extension and Outreach, Foods and Nutrition

  • Laura T. Smith

    Laura T. Smith

    FACS Extension

    Extension and Outreach, Foods and Nutrition

  • Edda Z. Cotto-Rivera

    Edda Z. Cotto-Rivera

    Cotto-Rivera loves serving families through her work with Extension

    Foods and Nutrition

  • Leigh Anne Aaron

    Leigh Anne Aaron

    The 15-year UGA Extension veteran loves hearing feedback from program participants

    Extension and Outreach

  • Marnie Dekle

    Marnie Dekle

    Marnie Dekle, FACS agent for Candler and Emanuel counties, loves the variety of her job

    Extension and Outreach

  • Ines Beltran

    Ines Beltran

    Ines Beltran improves nutrition and physical activity of families.

    Extension and Outreach

  • Jan Baggarly

    Jan Baggarly

    Jan Baggarly helped 427 Walk Georgia participants walk the equivalent of 104,720 miles.

    Extension and Outreach

  • Susan Howington

    Susan Howington

    Susan Howington trains farmers and farmers’ market vendors that sell food products.

    Extension and Outreach