Foods and Nutrition Featured Alumni

FDN Featured Alumni

  • Katie Barnes

    Katie Barnes

    Katie Barnes received her BS in FDN and is a Technical Sales Manager for Merieux NutriSciences.

    Foods and Nutrition

  • Sohyun Park

    Sohyun Park

    Sohyun Park received her Ph.D. from FDN in 2006 and is Team Lead/Epidemiologist for the CDC.

    Foods and Nutrition

  • Lauren Kort

    Lauren Kort

    Lauren Kort received her MS degree in 2014 and is a DXA technologist and clinical dietitian.

    Alumni Office, Foods and Nutrition

  • Valerie Chertin

    Valerie Chertin

    Valerie Chertin received her MS in 2013 and is a clinical dietitian at Atlanta Medical Center.

    Alumni Office, Foods and Nutrition

  • Natalie Bouyett

    Natalie Bouyett

    Natalie received her dietetics degree from FDN and is pursuing a master's in social work.

    Alumni Office, Foods and Nutrition

  • Maria Breen

    Maria Breen

    Breen earned her BS and MS/DI from FDN and is a sports dietitian for UGA Athletic Association.

    Alumni Office, Foods and Nutrition

  • Chip Ogburn

    Chip Ogburn

    Dr. Chip Ogburn, M.S. in FDN, is chief of orthopedic surgery at Athens Orthopedic Clinic.

    Alumni Office, Foods and Nutrition

  • Lori Maggioni

    Lori Maggioni

    Captain Maggioni, a RDN in the US Army, received a dual Nutrition Science and Dietetics degree.

    Foods and Nutrition

  • Lisa (Williams) Eckstein

    Lisa (Williams) Eckstein

    Lisa Eckstein works with older adults, providing consulting services.

    Foods and Nutrition

  • Heather Hamner

    Heather Hamner

    Heather Hamner's work is centered on ensuring that women have safe and healthy pregnancies.

    Foods and Nutrition

  • Marie Spano

    Marie Spano

    Marie Spano received her MS from Foods and Nutrition, and is a sports dietitian.

    Foods and Nutrition

  • Caree Cotwright

    Caree Cotwright

    Caree crafted an interactive play as part of an obesity-prevention program targeting low-income children

    Foods and Nutrition