Bakersfield, Ca. 

Activities & Honors

 FACS Ambassador, Student Dietetic Association Vice President, Nutrition Intern at Athens Community Council on Aging, Chi Omega Sorority, Phi Upsilon Omicron FACS Honor Society, UGA Miracle, UGA Australia Study Abroad

Why did you choose your major?

Dietetics has been apart of my daily routine since the day I was born with a rare genetic disorder called PKU. Treatment of PKU consists of a strict diet limiting almost all protein from my diet and drinking a supplemental formula every day. The power that nutrition has to treat rare disorders and disease made me want to instill my passion into someone who can live a happy healthy life with the help of an altered diet.

What do you like most about FACS?

The best thing about this college is that it makes the students feel like a family. FACS has been a second home to me since the first day I walked through the doors of Dawson Hall. I find that I am always happy walking through Dawson because of the community that it has offered me. The faculty and staff truly have had my best interest at heart and have pushed me to be a better student. FACS has provided me with endless amounts of connections and opportunities that I am extremely grateful for!

What are your post-graduation plans?

I am so excited to attend Georgia State University’s combined Master of Health Sciences and Dietetic Internship Program starting in June. This will advance my education while completing the supervised practice hours that will qualify me to take the registration exam to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist!

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