Antoinette Landor received a Ph.D. Human Development and Family Science in August 2012. She is now a post-doctoral research associate in the Center for Developmental Science at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Her research examines how contextual factors are associated with risk and resilience in adolescence and emerging adulthood. She specifically investigates the ways in which family of origin and other factors predict outcomes such as sexual behavior, romantic relationship quality, educational attainment, and racial discrimination. Dr. Landor plans to pursue a career in academia that includes conducting basic research and translating it into preventative interventions. 

If you are thinking about UGA for your graduate studies, Antoinette says, 

The primary reason I chose to attend UGA and be a part of HDFS was because I wanted to work with faculty who were prominent scholars in their own right but who were also invested in me and committed to guiding me through graduate school and beyond. HDFS is a great department because of the way they accomplish this. In addition, HDFS graduate students are provided countless professional development opportunities throughout the year such as attending national and international conferences as well as interacting one-on-one with world renowned researchers who visit the UGA campus to discuss their research."