Carter Broun said he’s grateful for the lessons he learned during his time as a student that have been impactful in his professional career.

This semester, Broun, a 2008 FACS grad with a degree in housing, made his return to the halls of Dawson.

As the instructor of the fall 2014 Introduction to Residential Property Management (FHCE 3350) course – his favorite class during his time as a student – Broun said he hopes to leave the same impact on students he experienced from several professors during his time here.

One professor who made a significant contribution was Debbie Phillips, who taught Broun the same course he now teaches.

Having known Phillips for nearly 10 years now, Broun considers her a mentor and said she has been instrumental in his first year of teaching.

“It’s been great. It really has,” Broun said. “It’s been a wonderful experience and I hope it’s something I continue to have the opportunity to have. It’s a very rewarding experience when you have a student who comes up after class and is interested in the lecture you gave. It’s not often in my professional world that you have those same type of interactions, and it’s great to have that experience.”

When he isn’t delivering lectures or bringing in guest speakers for his students, Broun is busy with his work in local real estate.

He is part owner of Millworks Holding based in Watkinsville and is currently working on a project developing multi-family apartments in downtown Macon.

Remembering his grandfather’s words that “if you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re late,” Broun knows that wise advice from mentors and elders deserve the credit for helping him this far in his career.

“Whether you like it or not, people notice things: how you’re dressed, if you’re on time, if you reply to emails,” Broun said. “Those are things that can put you ahead of everybody else because the reality is not a lot of people do those simple things and it’s just a great way to get ahead.”

Story by FHCE student worker DeShonna Johnson