Name: Dilreet Kaur

Major: Consumer Economics

Expected Graduation Date: Fall 2015

Special Achievements

  • Bringing UGA Odyssey to top 5 sales across the country from top 50.
  • Taking Pictures for the Indian Cultural Exchange, helping to recreate their brand, and now being able to successfully market it as the VP of External Affairs.
  • Hosting India Night two years in a row.

Organizations you are involved with

  • Delta Gamma
  • Indian Cultural Exchange
  • UGA Odyssey
  • UGA Asura


I was born in Sacramento, California. I grew up in India; lived there until I was 7, then I moved to Vancouver, Canada in August of 2000 (when I was 7). Lived there for about two months, then I moved to Bloomington, Ind. Lived there for a year and a half. After that, moved to Windsor, Canada for two years. Moved back to Bloomington for three years. I finished middle school there. Freshman year of high school, moved to Indianapolis. Sophomore year to Dallas. Junior year to Waco. Senior year to end with a bang in Johns Creek, Ga. Now my parents live in Akron, Ohio, my current home, and I have been in Athens for three years, which makes this place my second home.

Why UGA?

They say the best things happen when you least expect them; UGA was one of those for me. I had applied to over 13 universities in the US. Georgia became my home my senior year of high school. My parents had planned to move to Ohio after my graduation. I don’t think I was ready to say goodbye to Georgia just yet. I stayed, followed a different path than I had intended, and it was the best decision of my life, because it led me to where I am today!


The question is why not! I found Consumer Economics while taking an upper-level elective that satisfied my intended Marketing major. The course I was taking at the time was Intro to Consumer Econ along with Intro to Marketing. These courses were very similar and ended up having a lot of the same content. The major difference was marketing went more into the depths of sales, the “hows” and “whats” of marketing. Basically, more product knowledge, whereas Consumer Economics was more fact-based. A lot of “why” consumers act a certain way and going a bit deeper into psychology. I thought, “Why not minor in Consumer Econ?” Before I knew it, it ended up being my second major!

How did you pick your major/career path?

I remember this day like it was yesterday. It was the summer before freshman year of college. I worked as a Front Desk Assistant at a hotel. I was confused as to what I wanted to do, so I looked up business major and saw marketing. I knew what marketing was, but then again I didn't, so I looked up the definition, and I remember it went something like, “Satisfying the wants and needs of consumers through ...” To me, that meant making people happy, so that fit perfectly with what I wanted to do with my life.

In terms of career, I did a sales internship before my junior year and ended up falling in love! Sales has become a passion. I enjoy working with people and talking, so my personality fit the role. I picked insurance, because it is a challenging sale. A lot of prior preparation goes into play. Everyday on the job is unique and interesting.

What are your career goals?

Right after I graduate, I want to be a part of the YES! Program and travel abroad. Some type of volunteering for people everywhere. Do that for a year or two. For my career, in the long run, I want to get into insurance sales. After this summer interning with Assurant Employee Benefits, insurance has slowly become my forte. I have always wanted to do something honest involving people, and that is what insurance is. If your insurance company has a good product, they'll keep your promise and fulfill it. 

Favorite FACS class:

So far, Consumer Research (FHCE 4000) with Rob Nielsen.

Professor who had the most impact:

Dr. Diann Moorman! I have her for my third semester in a row this semester, and I will never get tired of her. She always keeps the class engaged, is enthusiastic, motivating and wants everyone to do well! Overall, she cares about each student on an individual basis. 

Favorite Georgia Tradition:

Calling the Dawgs at football games! That's when all 92,000+ of us come together and become one. I remember my first semester at UGA three years ago with it being so large with so many people. Over the years, being a part of different organizations, UGA has become smaller. Everyone here is somehow connected. Calling the Dawgs at football games is something all of us share. It makes us forget the different fraternities, sororities, organizations we are a part of, and our differences, and just remember that at the end of the day we are all Georgia Bulldogs, and we all get to Call the Dawgs!

Favorite campus spot and why:

Sanford Stadium. Driving and walking by always makes me shiver. It’s a constant reminder of past game days, late nights studying at the MLC, events with ICE and DG, and that we are the greatest school in the nation. Sanford Stadium compiles all of my UGA memories and reminds me to appreciate being here.

Undergrad experience you will always remember:

Snow/ice week in Athens, February 2014.

Favorite thing to do in Athens:

Going to the Botanical Gardens. I have always known Athens to be extremely busy because of the billion things on our plate. The Botanical Gardens give me a sense of calmness from all that chaos that occurs on the campus. 

If you could do absolutely anything for one month without failing, what would it be?

Not eating sweets! I have the biggest sweet tooth in the entire world! I will skip dinner, so I can have dessert. I have gone three weeks before without having sweets, but a piece of cookie cake made me give in.

Most spontaneous thing you have ever done?

Went to California for a weekend for a dance competition this past April, even though I am not an active dancer this year. On my way to San Francisco, I missed my connecting flight, because I was too invested in reading. On the way back, I missed my flight again, got to spend an extra day in the city, and saw the Golden Gate with my best friend.