Donna Hancock received a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Science in May 2012. Her area of specialization focuses on the consequences of parenting on adolescent behavioral outcomes. Specifically, her dissertation focused on predicting the risk of teenage pregnancy among African Americans using a social contextual model. Dr. Hancock is now an Assistant Professor of Health and Human Sciences at Bridgewater College, a private liberal arts school located the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. 

When asked about the strengths of our department, Donna indicated,

"The HDFS department at UGA provides graduate students with opportunities to work closely with top scholars in the field, network with scholars from other universities, and teach undergraduate courses. In my opinion, one strength of the program is that students are encouraged to take classes inside and outside of the department which allows students to gain an interdisciplinary understanding of a wide range of family topics. Additionally, this program gives students the opportunity to become actively involved in research projects that align with their scholarly interests. Students will leave this program with in-depth knowledge on how to conduct theoretically and methodologically sound research while working alongside scholars who publish in top journals. As a result of these experiences during graduate school, graduates of the program are well prepared for jobs in academia."