Name:           Dorothy James                               Email:

Major:           Fashion Merch                                Occupation: Wholesale sales

Business and Job Title: was Account Executive at Lafayette 148 – starting graduate school at SCAD MA Business Design in Sept

What is your fondest memory of your time spent in the college?

My fondest memories are mostly time spent with my friends but I loved my fashion classes

How did FACS prepare you for your career?

The specific curriculum of Fashion Merchandising aligned extremely well with a career in wholesale – I used textile knowledge, quality analysis, retail math, all of the classes were so relevant to my job.

Why do you give to FACS/UGA?

Because I want to support the place and program that gave me such a great and relevant education!

What is the best advice you can share with current FACS students?

Enjoy! And focus on classes there are so many resources at FACS I didn’t even know about as a student.

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