Name: Emily Selph                                    Email:

Major: Dietetics and Consumer Foods     Occupation: Graduate Student & Dietetic Intern

Business and Job Title: future Registered Dietitian

What is your fondest memory of your time spent in the college?

I think my fondest memories of college are football Saturdays in Athens! There is nothing like waking up with excitement at the thought of cheering on the Dawgs with 93,000 other fans, and the atmosphere on campus is electric.  

How did FACS prepare you for your career?

My professors in my department made sure that I had the education and skills I needed to be a competent registered dietitian. Professors, advisors, and college staff also gave me the support and encouragement I needed to feel confident going out into the “real world.”

Why do you give to FACS/UGA?

I give to FACS because the administration, faculty, and staff have given so much to me during my time in college. I also give because I am passionate about family and consumer sciences and want more people to have the practical, real-world knowledge that our college provides.

What is the best advice you can share with current FACS students?

I would tell current FACS students to take advantage of the hands-on learning and leadership opportunities that FACS offers. Student organizations, study abroad trips, practicums/internships, the ambassador program -  these programs provide great experiences and can open doors to even more opportunities. Being a leader for a student organization in FACS and serving as a FACS ambassador were two of the most enriching experiences of my college career.  

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