Ines Beltran, Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent, helps parents and grandparents to support their children and grandchildren in the Gwinnet County school system by improving nutrition and physical activity of the families. Ines conducts weekly Walk a Weigh classes in Spanish and English.

Name: Ines Beltran

County: Gwinnett

Degrees /Colleges/Certifications:

  • Master in Adult Education, University of Georgia
  • Bachelor in Science of Food Technology, University of Bogotá, Jorge Tadeo Lozano
  • ServSafe Certification from the National Restaurant Association
  • Radon Resistant New Construction and Moisture Control Techniques, Southern Regional Radon Training Center - Auburn University, Alabama                                 

Program Highlight

Title: Walk a Weigh program

Target Audience: Parents involved with the parent centers in Gwinnett County Public Schools, and seniors attending Senior Centers in Gwinnett County.

How Many People You Educated: 166 adults

Educational Impact:    

The Extension Agent has reached 166 adults. Evaluations have shown that after attending the Walk a Weigh program, 71% will be physically active for at least 30 minutes a day 5 days a week , 85% will drink more water instead of sugary drinks, 78% will use a pedometer, and 90%  will eat at least 3 vegetables every day. Also, 47% reported improvements in their blood pressure readings.

Public Value/How This Helps Your County/State: 

This course helps to improve participants’ nutrition and exercise habits. Successful weight control is a combination of healthy eating and regular physical activity. This program helps to reduce the impact of obesity that adds $460-$2,500 per year to the average health care cost of an individual.