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Karina Patel

Karina Patel

Foods and Nutrition

Future medical professional discovered passion for nutrition, health early in life.


Nutritional Sciences. Minor: Biology


Sylvester, Ga.


Zell Miller Scholarship, Graduating Summa Cum Laude, Presidential Scholar, Dean’s List, Health Disparities and Equity Certificate, FACS Ambassador, sister of Gamma Sigma Sigma, member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, Peer Learning Assistant, Dominican Republic ISL Trip Ambassador 2018

Why I chose my major

At a young age, I fell in love with the science behind nutrition when my grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. When I had free time, I was always researching and reading articles on how nutrition was interconnected to health. As I entered high school and got ready to apply for college, I knew I wanted to connect my passion for nutritional science into my degree in any way I could. It wasn’t long until I discovered the nutritional sciences major, which seemed like it was totally made for me. It was the perfect major with everything I could have ever imagined. I wanted to major in something that fit my future goals – a major that made going to class fun. I always knew I wanted to become a physician with an emphasis on connecting nutritional science to healthcare, and FACS provided me with a major that allowed me to do so.

What I like most about FACS

In simple words, FACS is THE HAPPIEST place on campus and has THE BEST faculty at UGA. Everyone is so kind to each other, and I believe they genuinely want to support us in accomplishing our dreams. FACS professors see so much potential in us than we may see in ourselves, and I think that is what sets FACS apart from other colleges. FACS is one big, happy family, and FACS is and always will be HOME.

Post-graduation plans

After graduation, I plan on working as a medical assistant while applying for medical school.

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