Year in School: Junior (3rd Year)

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major & Minor: Human Development and Family Sciences, Minor in Consumer Economics

On-campus leadership roles/positions/organizations:

Internal President of UGA Wishmakers on Campus

Delta Zeta Sorority

Hospital Relations Committee Member with UGA Miracle (2012-2014)

UGA Club Volleyball (2012-2013 – 3 Seasons)

What is your favorite UGA or FACS tradition?

I love the tradition of not walking under the arch. This tradition makes the process of graduating and working hard during your years at so much more rewarding.

What advice would you give to a student thinking about changing their major to FACS?

That it is an awesome idea! I love FACS because it is a college where the staff wants to see you be successful. I often hear about “weed out” classes at UGA and I have never experienced a class or teacher in FACS that was  looking for failure. In all honesty, FACS is the exact opposite. The professors at staff want to see you learn and succeed as well as form relationships with you which is why FACS has made my college experience so incredible. At FACS you are a big fish in a small pond unlike many other colleges on campus where student can get lost in the crowd.

Best advice for a 1st year student? Transfer student?

GET INVOLVED! Stepping outside of your comfort zone is what college is all about. I have learned so much about myself because of the random activities I’ve done, clubs I’ve joined and people I’ve sat with in the dining hall!


Dog or Cat? DOG

Best quiet spot on campus? Herty Field

Role Model: Beyonce