Name: Jessica Tripp          Major: Consumer Economics, Family Financial Management Emphasis                     

Occupation:  Quality Assurance Manager

Business and Job Title: Matrix Residential a Pollack Shores Company

What is your fondest memory of your time spent in the college?

Working as a college ambassador allowed me to connect with so many alumni, professors, and students outside my major while volunteering my time at UGA/FACS events.  I was able to learn so much more about UGA and my individual college FACS.  The time with the fellow ambassadors and professors was invaluable!

How did FACS prepare you for your career?

My major, Consumer Economics, Family Financial Management emphasis was wonderful!  I was able to take Housing and Financial based classes that really benefit me in my career today.  I still use my Financial based emphasis knowledge, but so thankful for the Housing related classes that are used so frequently in the Residential Multi-Family Industry and my day-to-day activities.

Why do you give to FACS/UGA?

I give back because I would like other students to have some of the same experiences I did as an Undergraduate and FACS Ambassador.  My experience at UGA was amazing!  I would like UGA to continue their growth and current UGA students to also have those same great experiences.

What is the best advice you can share with current FACS students?

Keep in touch with your classmates and professors after graduation.  Networking is so valuable!  I am thankful to have remained in touch with former classmates, friends, and professors.

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