Name: Shirley L. Reyes                                         Email:

Major: Human & Family Development                  Occupation: Administrative Specialist

Business and Job Title: Assistant to Associate Provost for Institutional Diversity at UGA

What is your fondest memory of your time spent in the college?

Talking and sharing with the professors and classmates. Learning about their life experiences and sharing mine was very meaningful and still brings back fond memories. Having conversation in Dr. George’s class about my now 86 years-young uncle always make me laugh. I learned things from a PSA clip that I would like to forget.

How did FACS prepare you for your career?

Learning the many facets of family engagement prepared me most. From infancy to elder years, it gave theory to practices that I have seen in many areas of human development. I learned my strengths and weakness in the different areas and which areas I was most passionate about.

Why do you give to FACS/UGA?

So that students can have an opportunity to experience and engage with FACS/UGA in many ways. This will help them to really enjoy their time here at UGA and love their family at FACS. FACS has a very diverse area of study that students should be made aware of.

What is the best advice you can share with current FACS students?

Engage as much as you can with professors, other student and staff. Get involved and experience what the college has to offer. It really helps the learning process and creates friendships beyond the classroom. You will be amazed at the capabilities you gain and share with others.

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