Samantha began a career with Macy's when she was selected in April 2015 to be an intern for their management Program at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, GA.  Within two months of employment, she was given the opportunity to follow a sales manager where she learned how to lead, manage, and improve departments in order to increase sales.  This experience gave Samantha the confidence she needs to succeed in the fashion and retail industry, while also teaching her what it takes to be a successful employee and manager.

After Samantha completed her internship and returned to UGA, she was contacted by Macy's and offered a full time position with the Executive Development Program in the East District of Atlanta.  Samantha will begin her new postilion upon graduating in July 2016.  This new position will allow Samantha to receive further training in management by allowing her to lead a department after three months of training. 

Samantha's career plan is to advance within the Macy's corporation and become a District Merchant in the Atlanta area or a Vice President Sales Manager of her own store.

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Fashion Merchandising