Susan Howington, a Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent, trains farmers and farmers’ market vendors that sell food products. She has improved their knowledge of food safety, resulting in drastic improvements in safe food handling.

Name: Susan Howington

County: Henry

Degrees /Colleges/Certifications:

  • B.S.  Home Economics.  Mississippi State University.
  • UGA Senior Public Service Associate.
  • Certified Proctor/Teacher for ServSafe®, September 2008, National Restaurant Association.

Program Highlight

Title: Food Safety/Enhancing the Safety of Locally Grown Produce Workshops

Target Audience: Farmers’ Market Vendors/Growers

How Many People You Educated: 95

Educational Impact:    

Henry County Extension has trained 95 farmers and farmers’ market vendors that sell food products.  Evaluations have shown that up to 68% improved knowledge of practices that affect the safety of produce.  Up to 84% identify specific improvements they will make in practices used during the growing and handling of food products from farm to market. 

Public Value/How This Helps Your County/State: 

This course helps to enhance the safety of locally grown products and helps provide Henry County consumers access to fresh, nutritious and safe locally grown products.   This helps local markets to flourish and helps local economies.