William Stark is a Senior financial planning student from Milton, GA. He recently participated in a survey conducted by FHCE, and was the lucky winner of the random drawing prize! Learn a little more about William and his experience with Financial Planning at UGA: 

What attracted you to the financial planning program at UGA?

I was setting up my schedule with my academic advisor, and she instructed me to take Practical Management with Caleb Brown. I was hesitant about taking the class, but decided to go with it anyways. It turns out that class and Caleb really invigorated my passion for financial planning. Due to the fact that he was a partner in a financial planning firm, he gave us invaluable insight into the daily operations of a financial planning firm well beyond what you could learn from a textbook, etc. Literally two weeks after being in the class I switched my major to Financial Planning and haven’t looked back since.

What do you enjoy most about being an FHCE student?

There are so many aspects of the FHCE program that it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few, but I’ll try. First, the faculty and staff are incredibly helpful. Not only do most of them have past/present real-world experience but they really seem to care about informing students about information that will apply in the financial services sector. Second, I really enjoy the intimacy of the college; most of the financial planning students are registered for the same classes, so it makes it easy to construct a network that you can rely on for help, guidance, etc. Past the student aspect, the FHCE staff provides an exceptional level of care that rivals any I’ve seen elsewhere. Finally, the resources offered by FHCE are top-notch; with a relatively small student size, the level of care and attention to detail is awesome. It makes you feel like they are actively trying to help you graduate and even help you post-graduation.

What are your post-graduate goals?

My post-graduation goals include attaining my CFP® designation, as well as finding a job within the financial services sector. With the network that FHCE has to offer it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Learn more about the FHCE Financial Planning program at fp.uga.edu

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