Ph.D., Financial Planning and Consumer Economics


Chungju, Republic of Korea

Activities & Honors:

Wrote three book chapters, three journal articles and 17 conference presentations, Delta Epsilon Iota, Hazel & Gene Franklin Scholarship, Endsley-Peifer Student Research Award, FACS Fund for Excellence Scholarship, Outstanding Paper Award, Emerging Researcher Award, Korean Life Insurance Association Scholarship, Research Spotlight by Graduate School at UGA, Graduate School Assistantship Award, Journal reviewer, Conference paper reviewer, Research-associate of Financial Planning Performance Lab at FACS, Financial Planning Association, Korea Home Economics Association, Academy of Behavioral Finance and Economics, Financial Therapy Association, Association for Financial Counseling, Planning, and Education, Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, Academy of Financial Services, American Association of Family and Consumer Science, American Council of Consumer Interest, Korean Association of STATA

Why did you choose your major?

While working at a marketing consulting firm as a consumer behavioral specialist, I noticed lots of cases where consumers and companies had conflicts in the market. Most were caused by the fact that each side had misconceptions about the others. I decided to return to academia, specifically to the field of financial planning and consumer economics,  for consumers’ financial well-being. 

What do you like most about FACS?

All people in FACS are friendly. The faculty, staff, and students seem to have one same goal: helping and supporting each other. Honestly, it is a normal phenomenon that an international student feels intimidated in new surroundings. However, the friendly atmosphere at FACS helped me overcome feelings of intimidation in new surroundings. In addition,  faculties in FACS, specifically FHCE, are very open-minded to communication with students. They open their office doors to students. It drives me to try diverse research works in our field.

What are your post-graduation plans?

I am scheduled to work at South Dakota State University as an Assistant Professor of Consumer Affairs starting in August, 2016. Even though I will be living far away from FACS geographically, I will do diverse research with FACS faculties to improve consumers’ financial well-being.


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