We offer four paths to your degree: 

  1. Double Dawgs
    • Students can take upto 12 graduate credit hours while they are undergraduate students. But they have to apply to the graduate school separately in the year they graduate with their undergrad major. 
  2. Professional Master's (our non-thesis or MS-NT option)
    • If you plan a career in applied settings as a consumer analytics researcher or financial planner 
    • May be completed on campus (Consumer Economics and Financial Planning options) or online (Financial Planning)
  3. M.S. (with thesis)
    • ​​If you plan a research-oriented career or may apply to a Ph.D. program
  4. Ph.D.
    • If you desire the highest level of research-based academic preparation


Each provides in-depth study in a concentration of your choosing:

  • Financial planning
  • Housing management and policy
  • Consumer economics

Your coursework is centered in the Department yet draws upon the best courses from across the University. This approach helps you to acquire the core competencies you need to be a leader in your field while developing the topical expertise that motivated you to continue your education.


If our programs can help you meet your academic and career goals, contact our Graduate Coordinator Assistant with any questions about our programs. Or, request information directly from the Graduate School

Name Job Title / Department Contact

Justin Bryant Miller

Graduate Degree Professional

Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

205 Dawson Hall
305 Sanford Dr.
Athens, GA 30602