Many questions can arise when running a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance clinic. On this page we have included multiple documents that describe various aspects of best practices as well as an assortment of white papers.

Partnership Handbook

Have you been looking for an opportunity to begin a VITA site in your community, but feel overwhelmed by the idea? Check out this short guidebook discussing ways, and providing guidance, on how communities and colleges can come together to build exciting and self-sustaining partnerships. For more than 50 years, VITA has provided free income tax preparation and filing services for low- and moderate income (LMI) households. Demand for these services is high, and volunteers and partners often find that participation is a rewarding, and sometimes life-changing, experience.

Strong partnerships efficiently and effectively share the responsibilities associated with VITA so that students, communities, and organizations all benefit. Mutual respect and increasing interdependence among academic institutions, community organizations, and VITA clients create greater sustainability and impact for those served by the partnership. The purpose of this guidebook is to provide you with a framework to use in the development of a strong partnership that will provide exceptional experiential learning opportunities for students while providing significant service to the local community, without overwhelming community agency staff or faculty.

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Tax time presents a wonderful opportunity to save for the future, increase financial knowledge, and take advantage of unique financial opportunities available when households file their tax returns. We have created several different videos that can be shared with VITA clients while they wait to see a tax preparer.

Solutions Focused Coaching Videos

Everyone has unique reasons that motivate them to save money for the future. To the extent the VITA site is able to elicit savings motivators from their VITA clients, the VITA site will be better able to promote savings at tax time. These two video versions--one live and one animated--of solutions focused coaching help elicit savings goals from clients. This will help the clients be better prepared to save part of their refund. 

Live Coaching Video

Animated Coaching Video

Accompanying Solutions Focused Worksheet for both videos

Educational Videos

Oftentimes, individuals that are motivated to save want more information on the best ways to save. We have prepared two illustrated videos (combined into one in the following link) that focus on ways that individuals can use their tax refunds to build wealth. The first video talks about split refunds and the second video talks about using tax refund money to establish a secured loan. A secured loan can help someone pay down high interest credit lines while simultaneously helping them to improve their credit and relationship with mainstream financial institutions. 

Split Refunds and Secured Loans Video

The Affordable Care Act and Taxes Videos

Many taxpayers are continuing to learn about the Affordable Care Act and how it affects them at tax time. These short videos are designed to provide basic information about the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts individuals at tax time. 

Basics of Insurance

Basics of the Premium and Advance Premium Tax Credit

Basics of the Marketplace