Internships prepare you for a successful career and provide you with the opportunity to apply your course work.

Looking for an internship?

Check out past internships and possible internships in FHCE.

Subscribe to the VFHCE listserv and read your email.

Review the information in Requirements to Apply for an Internship

Check out UGA’s Handshake,,,, and other popular websites.

Attend Career Fairs.

Tell everyone you are looking for an internship. Don’t wait for the internship to come to you!

Don’t rule out internships in other locations or virtual internships.

Start looking for an internship early – by January for a Summer Internship, by April for a Fall Internship, and by August for a Spring Internship.

Remember that an internship and a job are two different but related things. In an internship, an on-site professional agrees to mentor you as you work to build your professional skills and experience.

Students in the Applied Consumer Analytics emphasis must find an internship in which they work with data.


The deadline to apply for any internship for academic credit in FHCE is no later than three weeks before you want to begin the internship. For 2018-19 that’s:

  • July 22 to begin an internship with the start of Fall Semester

  • December 14 to begin an internship with the start of Spring Semester

  • April 24 to begin an internship with the start of Maymester

  • May 17 to begin an internship with the start of Summer School.

You can begin your internship on other dates but must submit your application at least three weeks before you want to start. You also should check Dr. Cude’s schedule; she may not be in the office every week to accept applications. All applications must be submitted in person. If you apply after these dates, you may have to begin your internship later than you planned.

If there is a signed MOU with the internship placement (check #6 below), applications may be accepted closer to the internship start date. Confirm this with Dr. Cude.

Remember that unless you have completed FHCE 5900/7900, you can’t register for an internship for academic credit (that course number is FHCE 5910/7910). Students in the Applied Consumer Analytics emphasis must have completed FHCE 4000/6000 and FHCE 5050/7050 to register for an internship for academic credit (that course number is FHCE 5960/7960). 

Read the deadlines section of the Requirements to Apply for an Internship for more information. 

Print out and complete the checklist  -- if you can't check off everything, you aren't ready to submit your application. I cannot accept print-outs of poorly scanned files.

International students pursuing an unpaid internship should complete the Curricular Practical Training. Email or view the info sheet for more information.


  1. Download and read Requirements to Apply for an Internship.
  2. Meet with your academic advisor. Discuss the number of credit hours. You must log 50 hours for each academic credit hour – and lunch and other breaks don’t count (even if they’re paid).
  3. Search for an internship placement. We share many resources about how to do this in FHCE 5900 (the required prereq for an internship for academic credit). View past internships and other ideas. Check the “Possible Internships” tab for internships currently available. Details are available in the Comments (there’s a black triangle in the upper right corner of the internship placement name field when there’s a comment). Professors in FHCE 4000/6000 and FHCE 5050/7050 have ideas about finding internships in data analytics.
  4. Find an internship placement and a Field Supervisor and schedule an appointment with the Field Supervisor.
  5. Work with your Field Supervisor to develop objectives, a required component of your internship application. Your internship goals must relate to building professional skills and knowledge and acquiring professional experience. Remember that goals begin with a verb! Note: Applied Consumer Analytics interns also must describe their work with data using a second form (#13 below).
  6. Check the list of internship placements  with which FHCE has a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). If your internship is NOT on this list, you’ll need to complete an MOU and have it signed by your placement.
    • Download instructions and the MOU for an Internship with a Business/Organization.
    • Download instructions and the MOU for an Internship with a unit of UGA.
  7. Review the sample MOU before completing yours just to be sure you have it right.
  8. Print and leave a copy of the “Expectations of Internship Field Supervisor ” page with your Supervisor.
  9. Open the internship application . If you are doing more than one internship, you need to complete an application for each. You must type the application online and hit “Submit” at the bottom of the page! Once you do that, a copy will be emailed to you. Print it out.
  10. Secure your Supervisor’s signature on the page with your goals. Or, if you won’t be meeting in person with your Field Supervisor again, ask him/her to affirm their commitment to your goals in the letter they send to Dr. Cude (see #14 below).
  11. Sign the “Expectations of FHCE Interns” page.
  12. Students in the Applied Consumer Analytics emphasis must also complete this form for FHCE 5960  or FHCE 7960.
  13. Ask your Field Supervisor to write a letter stating his/her agreement to serve as your Field Supervisor and commitment to evaluate your progress. The letter also should briefly describe your internship. The “letter” can be an email from your Field Supervisor sent to Dr. Cude.
  14. Compile a hard copy of your completed application, which should include:
    1. The application (signatures: intern and Field Supervisor), including the 
    2. Intern Responsibility page (signatures: intern), the 
    3. Authorization for Release of Records and Information (signatures: intern)
    4. The Field Supervisor’s letter
    5. The Memorandum of Understanding, unless there’s already one in place (signatures: Field Supervisor or individual with signature authority within the company or organization)
    6. A current resume
  15. Make an appointment with Dr. Cude (or watch for announced times to submit applications). Bring the complete signed application, including the MOU and POD form, to your appointment. Do NOT leave your application in a mailbox or email it to Dr. Cude. You are not permitted to begin logging hours for your internship until you are registered for the course.
  16. Once Dr. Cude receives your application, she has to get the MOU reviewed by the UGA Office of Legal Affairs and signed by the Dean of FACS. Expect this to take a minimum of three weeks. You will be notified once your MOU has been signed and your POD has been signed and submitted to FACS Student Services. You will not be able to register for internship credit (FHCE 5910/7910, FHCE 5960/7960) until your MOU and application are approved.
  17. Once the MOU is approved, it is your responsibility to go on Athena to register for FHCE 5910/7910 or 5960/7960. Be sure to register for the number of hours of academic credit you indicated on your application. The default is only one credit hour! If you only register for FHCE 5910/7910 or 5960/7960 and will not be on campus for other classes this semester, you will be able to waive many of the fees in Athena.  FHCE 5910/7910 or 5960/7960 is coded in such a way that you can waive fees that apply to services that you won’t be on campus to use.  The biggest part of mandatory fees is the special institutional fee.  If you take less than 5 credit hours, the fee will be reduced by 50%.  The technology fee is not waivable.  You can find all the information at under “mandatory fee policy.” 
  18. About 48 hours after you register you will have access to the ELC site for the course. Please read the information there carefully to learn what is expected and how to log your hours.
  19. Review the syllabus for FHCE 5910/7910/5960/7960 to learn what’s expected.

Looking for an intern?

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If you have questions, please email Brenda Cude.