The FACS Financial Planning major has been going strong for over a decade. As a part of our desire to give back to the program that helped each of us get where we are, we launched the 1% Giving Club in 2016. This allows you to designate 1% of your income to the Financial Planning Fund. This fund gives our students unique opportunities to soar, made possible through your giving.

How can I help?

We hope you’ll join us in the 1% Giving Club. As a 1% donor, we ask you to designate 1% of your income to the Financial Planning Fund at UGA. The first 50 members of the 1% Club will be permanently recognized as founding members. All other members will be recognized on an annual basis. Join today to be a founding member of the 1% Club.

You could double or triple the impact of your gift because many companies increase the impact of their employees' gifts by providing matching contributions. See if your company matches charitable donations.

What does your 1% support?

  • Student participation in national financial planning competitions
  • Student attendance at professional conferences
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Professional development opportunities for students
  • Facilitating the hiring of new faculty, adjunct faculty, specialized guest lectures

Member Benefits

  • As one of the first 50 members, you'll be a Founding Member
  • Receive invitations to annual Atlanta and Athens area 1% Giving Club gatherings
  • Be recognized at the annual banquet, on the webpage, and other communications
  • Be eligible to serve on the advisory board
Dr. Swarn Chatterjee, Founding Member, 1% Club
Dr. Linda Kirk Fox, Founding Member, 1% Club
Dr. Joseph Goetz, Founding Member, 1% Club
Dr. John Grable, Founding Member, 1% Club
Amelia Ostenson, Founding Member, 1% Club
The Palmers are very excited about giving to the financial planning program.
Mrs. Katie Seay, Founding Member, 1% Club
Dr. Martin Seay, Founding Member, 1% Club
John Taylor, Founding Member, 1% Club
Mr. Blake Williams, Founding Member, 1% Club "The Financial Planning program at the University of Georgia has experienced tremendous growth and success since its inception in the mid-2000’s. I felt that it was important to support the program financially so we can continue to attract top professors and equip our talented students with a unique knowledge base that will continue to keep Georgia as one of the top financial planning schools in the country."
Dr. Sheri Worthy, Founding Member, 1% Club