Century Club members gave $50-$249 in fiscal year 2017*.

Amy Autry

Kay (Kilgore) and Alan Brown

Mary Parker Davis

Abby (Moore) and John Elmore

Dr. Peggy (Ahrenhold) and Kevin Gallagher

Dr. Frank and Megan Henning

Steve and Martha McFerron

Alaina (Garrett) McGlothlin

Jennifer and John Allen

Judith Angel

Cris Areskog

Athena Real Estate Group

Lucy and Lee Atkinson

Brian and Amber Atkinson

Ellen and Richard Auchenpaugh

Jan (Taylor) and Al Baggarly

Betty Jane (Evans) Baird

Tyler Baker

Dr. Diane Bales

Dr. Greg Barfield

Helen Barrett

Wanda (Taylor) and Earl Barrs

Lisa (Williams) Bellwin

Lois (Green) and Wayne Bennett

Sabrina (Webb) and Dennis Bennett

Myrna (Weatherford) and Foy Bentley

Mary Jo Beverly

Marie (Shirley) and Frederick Binder

Terri Black

Sandy (Strohbehn) and Steve Blake

Donna (Marshall) and Chip Blalock

Patricia (Loflin) Blanchard

Cindy and Dr. Roger Boerma

Dr. Lynn Boland and Katherine McQueen

Carin and Benjamin Booth

Sandy (NeSmith) and Fredrick Bostelman

Emily Bower

Susan (Cobb) and Bill Branan

Maureen (Liebner) and Chip Brown

Marie Brown

Sue (Anthony) Brown

A.J. and Jennifer Bryant

Heather (Kaney) and William Burge

Heather Cadle

Jeanette (Loughridge) and Rodger Cadwell

Carol (Freeman) and Sidney Tanner

Karin (Collins) and Ramsey Carter

Susan (Jones) and Joe Chapman


Gwyndolyn (Brown) Chesnut

LaVonne (Aspinwall) Childers

Margaret Christ

Kaye (Lilly) and Bill Clark

Corille (Johnson) and Clark Hudson

Kenyatta (Bailey) and Lee Clarke

Bunny Clarke

Carolyn (Fraker) Cleveland

Betsy (McBride) Clymer

Cynthia Cochran

Sara (McGee) and Gary Cochran

Professor Harlan and Shirlee Cohen

Charlotte (Gaulding) Cook

Rose (Arnold) and Rick Cotton

Frances (Doty) Crawford

Susan (Green) Crawford

Barbara(Hunnicutt) and Dr. Victor Crosby

Tracy (Harwell) and Eric Cross

Cindy (Kanarek) and Brian Culver

Terence Curry

Patty (Robins) and Tom Dailey

Judy (Clark) Darby

Betty (Hatcher) Davenport

Linda and David Chesnut

Jenna (Gordon) Dellinger

Lindsay (Carmichael) and Dr. John Demboski

Molly Dodd

Lynne (Fraker) and Jeff Dodson

Renee (Thomas) Dotson

Beth (Newton) and William Downey

Kim (Cook) and Dr. Sam Dunlap

Brenda and Bill Dupre

Gentry Earle

Janice (Petty) and Charles Edwards

Effie Antonoudi

Brenda (Townsend) Elrod

Neal and Susan Estroff

Laura (Black) and Wayne Fair

Karen Fallin and Bryant Wilson

Becky (McClure) and Leon Farmer

Kitty Felts

Lorhett (Bratton) Finch

Kathy (Purcell) and Gary Floyd

Donna (Thomas) Fogle

Fowler Office Interiors

Leslie (Buchanan) Friedman

Vicki and Dr. Joe Gaines

Katie (Barksdale) and Thomas Garrett

Nadine (Brown) and Jack Gary

Merle (Houston) and Lawson Geiger

Kim Gensler

Georgia Association of Family & Consumer Sciences

Georgia Association of Realtors, Inc.

Georgia Department of Community Affairs

Andrea (Gold) and Kevin Ginsberg

Theresa Glasheen

Elwyn (Green) Godfrey

Imogene (Clark) and Jim Godwin

Katrina (Pittman) and John Thomas Graham

Barbara (Mentzer) and Charles Greene

Tom and Mary Katherine Greene

Casen Gregg

Kathy (Hall) and John Gregorcyk

Drs. Barbara (Mullen) and Gary Grossman

Habitat for Humanity of Georgia, Inc.

Anne (Montgomery) Haltiwanger

Sharon (Boone) and Charles Hamner

Steven Hansen

Mildred (Wilbanks) Harber

Jamie Hardigree

COL John Samuel Harp and Kathy (Meredith) Harp

Dee (Birdsall) Harris

Virginia (Thomas) and Scott Hart

Dr. Dorothy (Bouillon) and Gary Hausman

Martha Henderson

Jayne and Dr. Douglas Henson

Dr. Wookjae Heo and Jung Choi

Lucy (Field) and Fred Herren

Louise Hill

Frances and Jerry Hill

Vicki (Hardie) Hinson

Anne (Reinman) and Douglas Holbrook

Jennifer and Greg Holcomb

Taylor Hollingsworth

Selvin and Audrey Hollingsworth

Andrea (Axelson) and Donny Howard

Sandra (Dean) and Carter Hudson

Martha (Jackson) and Connie Ivester

Kenneth Ivory

Mary Jackson

Sharon and Dr. Greg Johnson

Stacy (Bishop) and David Jones

Kai Zhu

Drs. Carole and Dennis Keefe

Dr. Kristi (Hughes) and Keith Farner

Becky (Williams) and Keith Odom

Matthew Kelley

Dr. Maureen (Reed) and Tom Killeen

Stuart Kimbell

Caitlin King

Jeff and Cynthia Klein

Dr. Nate Kohn

Laura Latham

Tom and Ruth Lawandales

Nancy (Kittles) and Brian Leach

Carolyn Leitner

Roslyn (Retchin) Leopold

Joel Levy

Darren Liddell

Beverly (Rheney) Littlefield

Frances (Davis) Lovell

Dr. Judy Lucas

Doug and Diane Magnus

Aimee (Cox) and Joseph Malik

Jill (Ramsey) and John Mansfield

Judy (Painter) Marchman

Robert and Beth Margalis

June (Little) and Paul Martin

Sissy (Riley) and Lamar Martin

Linda (Anderson) and Peter Marziliano

Genie (Wilkes) and Ken Massingale

Whitni (Wonderlin) and Mike McConnell

MaryAnne (Leake) and Dr. Bill McDaniel

Barbara (Terrell) and Dr. Tom McDonald

Lorraine (Worden) and Dr. Lee McDowell


Carol (Stroud) and Guy McGiboney

Sandra (Sexton) McIntosh

Margaret (Carter) and Tim McMillan

Eugenia (Perkins) McMullan

Cathy (Christy) and Eric Meister

Kay Mihelich

Peggy (Eaton) Miller

Jane (Rodgers) and Charles Moore

Ryan Moore

Tommie (Guess) and Norris Mullis

Michelle (Delong) and Marty Myers

Dawn (Lavender) and Mike Newsome

Dr. Mary Pace-Nichols and Dr. Bill Nichols

Kate (Callaway) Nicholson

Clare Norins

Merry (Thomas) Norman

Ngozi Ogbuehi

Dr. Chip and Kjirsten Ogburn

Amelia (Clifford) and James Ostenson

Rita (Cleveland) and Bill Palmer

Preston Pannell

Dr. Bill and Linda Pannell

Dr. Nicholas and Christina Pappas

Alexandra Pappas

Annette (Hughey) Parker

Candace (Hurley) and Wayne Parrish

Susan (Anderson) and Jerry Payne

Carole (King) and James Pearman

Lisa (Lagerberg) and Darrell Peden

Rachael (Prince) and Will Peek

Susan (Hubbell) and Gary Perry

Betty (Garrett) Pickren

Dr. Joe Pittman and Jennifer Kerpelman

John Pope

Lona Pope

Sara (Whitaker) Potts

Randy (Randolph) amd Lamar Preston

Lynn (Gamble) and Dr. Ed Price

Annie Reece

Robelle Reed

Genelda (Moseley) Reese

Judy (Norton) and Robert Reid

Cindy Ren

Linda (Langford) Reynolds

Jennifer Rice

Annette (Montoya) and Lou Richt

Sarah (Brown) Riley

Elizabeth (Hatton) Roper

Jeff Rosengarten

Rachel (Alexander) and Eric Rothberg

Sarah (Patterson) Rusnak

Drs. Lorilee Sandmann and Bob Galen

Michael Saxon

Eleanor (Amos) and Ray Schaltenbrand

Darby (Thompson) Sewell

Debbie (Tomberlin) and Mark Seymour

Rhonda Smith

Jim and Frances Sommerville

Judy (Crowe) Spalding

Alison (Daves) Stokes

Suzanne (Higgs) Stroman

Victor and Katherine Sullivan

Rhonda Sward and Raymond Spedding

Erin Sweatt

Emily (Woo) Takeuchi

Dr. Leslie Taylor

Amy Taylor

Brenda Thompson

Sylvia (Trapnell) and Bernard Thompson

Martha (Langford) Thurman

Bret and Linda Thurmond

Barbara (Jones) and Gerald Torbert

Zelda (Lynk) and Charles Triebel

Almeta Tulloss

Kathy (Bailey) and William Wade

Jimi (Praag) and Lt Col James Weber

Nancy (Pryor) Wehrman

Dr. Charles and Gloria Welch

Howard and Carla Wertheimer

Annice Whatley

Laura (Binkley) and David White

Ann (Stowe) and Donnie Wilburn

Debbie (Brown) and Will Wilburn

Dr. Gail (Davidson) and William Wiley

Alice (Middleton) and Samuel Williams

Susette (Joerg) and Rex Wilson

Sandra (Miller) and Donald Wims

Irma Wright and Barbara Gifford

Brooke (Garrett) and Chris Wright

Cassy and Dr. Jeff Young

Dr. Yanzhuo Zhang

* Fiscal year 2017 ran from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.