Charter Club members gave $250-$499 in fiscal year 2017*.

Lynnette and Jose Bauza

Geoff Bell

Cathy (Zimmerman) and Walker Bickerstaff

Brad and Alicia Bohannon

Dr. Marilyn Bradbard

Becky Brightwell

Carter and Courtney Broun

Leslie (Younts) Brown and Jerry Curl

Trudy (Pike) and Lyndol Cain

Joanne Cavis

Jennifer (Smith) and Ryan DeLettre

Dr. Marie Dent

Carmen (Bouknecht) and Brian Dill

Jennifer and Dr. Derek Eberhart

Joy (Thomas) Elder

Betsy and Dr. Mark Ellison

Dr. Pat Fandt

Drs. Judy Ann and Mark Harrison

Heather McElroy Real Estate, LLC

Denise Houston

Jenna (Williams) and Clanton Black

Ben Jacobs

Ann (Trowbridge) Johnston

Evelyn (Smith) and Bill Jones

Drs. Chung-Soon (Chung) and Yung Kim

Yuan Lin and Dr. Biao He

Edna (Dickey) Nation

Joyce (Bender) and Randall Norris

Sharen and COL Todd Phinney

Carol (Hawkins) and Alan Reddish

Anna (Nolan) Shackelford

Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

Anne and James Sorensen

Stacy (Brock) and Ryan Stepler

Sydney Stroup

Kristin Szurovy

Leolene (Montgomery) and Dr. Ben Tate

Dr. Dee (Harden) and Steve Terry

Andrea Lee-Tse

Lynn (Latimer) Wilson

* Fiscal year 2017 ran from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.