Meet two incredible FACS grads and generous benefactors:
Zena Costa Brown ('38) and
Marian Chesnutt McCullers ('46).
We salute them and are grateful for their generosity!

A Legacy of Giving


Dr. Bill FlattDr. Bill Flatt
D.W. Brooks Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Foods & Nutrition

It’s no secret in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences that Bill Flatt loves life.
It’s also no secret how much he loves living life through FACS.

After 25 years of being an administrator as a former department head, director of Agriculture Experiment Stations and dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Dr. Flatt had the opportunity to join College of Family and Consumer Sciences in 1994 to teach in foods and nutrition and conduct energy metabolism research.

Though he is now retired, Dr. Flatt still serves as a guest lecturer, filling the halls of College of Family and Consumer Sciences with his smiling face and positive attitude. In fact, Dr. Flatt is so fond of College of Family and Consumer Sciences that he has frequently put his money where his heart is by providing multiple gifts to the College, including the endowment of two student scholarships and three student financial awards.

“As an undergraduate, I received 12 scholarships that made it possible for me to go to college,” Dr. Flatt said. “That’s one reason I feel fortunate to be able to ‘give back’ to help other students achieve their goals to obtain a higher education.”

Though he was already contributing to FACS, Dr. Flatt wanted to leave a gift to the College that would keep giving beyond his lifetime. As a reflection of his devotion to FACS, he designated his UGA 403b retirement funds for a Bill and June Flatt Professorship in the foods and nutrition department.

Dr. Flatt began putting money in a 403b over 25 years ago when he signed up for payroll withdrawal for this extra retirement fund. By naming College of Family and Consumer Sciences as the remainder beneficiary of his 403b, his estate will avoid state and capital gains taxes on the fund.

“It’s investing in the future and in young people who will have a major impact on the future. I want to help foster that,” Dr. Flatt said. “I reviewed my own benefits and realized my family and I are set for the rest of my life. So, I began to think about how I could help others and I realized a planned gift is an easy way to contribute to my favorite cause, which is FACS. It will only help to strengthen the programs that I feel are so important.”

Lisa GipsonLisa Gipson

BSFCS ’95, Consumer Journalism
Manager, Operator Learning & Development , Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Why do I support the College of Family and Consumer Sciences with an annual fund gift?  It's about the opportunity.

For me, giving back helps partner with the Dean, Faculty and Staff to provide opportunities for current student leaders to learn and grow.  I have personally benefited from learning experiences, opportunities to serve, and the relationships built through my collegiate and alumni years.  It's important for me to be involved in many ways as an alum, and I am hopeful that my gifts will grow over the years.  For now, more importantly, I understand the significance in giving on a consistent basis.  Collectively, we can help create meaningful learning experiences and opportunities for current students to learn and grow and develop knowledge for real life application.

Mitch and Jennifer HardemanMitch and Jennifer Hardeman

When their daughter, Ansley, was born six years ago, Mitch and Jennifer Hardeman did something no new, young parents want to do—but something they realized was very necessary.

They created a will.

“We both hope to live long and prosperous lives but we obviously realize there are no guarantees in life,” said Mitch, (BSFCS in Housing, ’93).

Three years later, Mitch and Jennifer gave birth to their second daughter, Sydney. At that time, the couple began thinking even more about their estate plans. Soon thereafter, by amending their will through a codicil, the couple made the decision to leave a portion of their estate to the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.

“Our daughters will receive a significant portion of our estate. With that being said, we both cherish the opportunity to be philanthropic to the charities of our choice,” Mitch said. “The gift of giving is very rewarding because you know that you are creating opportunities for deserving people that are not otherwise available.”

As a graduate of the Housing and Consumer Economics department, Mitch wanted his gift to benefit students in that department. Through a planned gift agreement executed through the College of Family and Consumer Sciences development office, the couple’s gift is designated to provide financial assistance to HACE students who desire to study abroad.

“The study abroad programs are a wonderful way for students as well as faculty to experience and apply their education in a real-world application,” Mitch said. “It has been a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to give back to something you care so much about. Hopefully, as time passes and our ages and incomes rise, our goal will be to periodically increase our gift to benefit other important areas within the college.”

Though Jennifer received her degree from the College of Education, she is fully in favor of including College of Family and Consumer Sciences in her family’s estate plan.

“Shortly after I graduated from UGA with a BS in educational psychology, Mitch and I married and he introduced me to FACS,” Jennifer said. “I was very impressed by the family atmosphere throughout the college. It was a breath of fresh air to see students and faculty interacting as a team to accomplish a common goal. College of Family and Consumer Sciences is certainly a very special place.”

By giving back to a college they both hold so dear, Mitch and Jennifer are able to remain actively involved in FACS’ future.

“Continuing to be involved with the college allows us to follow the progress of FACS,” Mitch said. “We are very excited about the current direction of the college and want to continue to be a positive influence. Including College of Family and Consumer Sciences in our estate plan will allow us to be supportive of the college long after our deaths.”

Hon. Kathy PalmerHon. Kathy Palmer

BSHE 1976; JD 1979, Majors: Family Development; Law
Chief Superior Court Judge, Middle Judicial Circuit

During my lifetime, my family and I have believed in, invested in and benefited from the purposes and goals of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences. Those same purposes and goals extend beyond each of our individual lives for the good of all.  I want my support to continue even in death so the College of Family and Consumer Sciences philosophy continues as well. I cannot think of a better testament to the program that has helped me achieve a fulfilling and successful life than by a gift at my death. A specific bequest made in my will fits my current financial situation best.