These members have confirmed that they have given a planned gift to the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.


Dr. Renita (Jones) and Rob Anderson

Dr. Elizabeth L. Andress

Eddy J. Armstrong

Drs. Jorge and Julia Atiles

Dr. Carolyn (Kiebler) Balkwell

Wanda (Taylor) and Earl D. Barrs

Jean (Griffeth) Bauerband

Lynnette A. Berdanier

Drs. Carolyn D. and C. Reese Berdanier

Gloria (Conner) and Goebel D. Berry

Harriette (Kirk) and Dr. E. Robin Bohannon

Dr. Donald W. and Julie Wilson Bower

Katrina (Little) Bowers

Susan (Hale) Brooks

Leslie (Younts) Brown

Dr. Nancy L. Canolty

LaVonne (Aspinwall) Childers

Kenyatta (Bailey) and Lee A. Clarke

Harrileen (Jones) Conner

Constance C. Crawley

Dr. Ilene Dailey

Dr. Therry (Nash) Deal

Craig G. Endsley

Kristi (Hughes) Farner

Dr. William P. Flatt

Dr. Linda Kirk Fox

Lori L. Franklin

Cory and Crystal Lynn Freeman

Marcella (Taylor) and Richard Gelman

Tammy (Tate) Gilland

Alisa (Gipson) Jarvis

Katrina (Pittman) and Tom Graham

Suzanne and Phillip Griffeth

Dr. Wanda Jean Grogan

Cheryl (Miller) Guynn

Doris (Nevels) and Emmett Howell Hall

Dr. Sharon (Boone) Hamner

Mitch and Jennifer Hardeman

Judy Marie Herrin

Dr. Judy (Ellis) Hibbs

Louise Hill

Dr. T. Lynn Hogan

Gregory Franklin and Jennifer F. Holcomb

Ashley (Foss) Holt

Dr. Patricia Hunt-Hurst

Louise (James) and Johnny E. Hyers

Dr. Russell and Esther Ann James

Dr. Laura Dunn and David Jolly

Zelda (Gross) and J. Morris Jones III

Dr. Amy (McMichael) Kay

Janet E. and Josh H. Kendall

Patricia Koester-Smith

Diane M. Kohl

Barbara (Buhler) Kuhn

Dr. Gregory E. Lang

Neal and Marsha Little

LTC Benjamin and Barbara Lumpkin

Dr. Estoria (McAfee) Maddux

Drs. Julia Marlowe and Roger Swagler

Margaret (Park) and Terry Allen Mathews

Tom and Mary McCormack

Marian (Chesnut) McCullers

Janet and Frank McGill

Justin and Lynsee Miller

Drs. Rebecca M. and David W. Mullis Jr.

Dr. Sharon and Rev. Samuel Nickols

Dr. Shelly M. Nickols-Richardson and David W. Richardson

Claudia (Stowers) and John S. Noell Jr.

Drs. Ligaya (Palang) and Onofre Paguio

Honorable Kathy (Stephens) Palmer

Winky (MacAllaster) and Max Parker

Bonnie (Stephens) Petersen

Meredith (Barrs) and Philip R. Potter

Greg and Becky Price

Betty (Sewell) Ragland

David Reynolds

Julie (Toland) Suppes

Jennifer (Willoughby) Richardson

Kyle Warner Shadix, MS, RD

Gail (Fulford) Sims

Edie (Edwards) and Lamar B. Smith

Millie (Young) and John Marshall Smith

Rosemary (Dunn) and Frank E. Stancil Jr.

Catherine (Hube) and Herbie Stockman

Drs. Anne L. and David R. Sweaney

Lynda (Cowart) Talmadge

Gloria (Hill) and David Thiem

Pam (McIntyre) and Reese J. Thompson

Dr. Marihope (Shirey) Troutman

Livia Wade

Kathleen (Ellison) and William L. Wages Jr.

Lynda (Henley) Walters

Geraldine H. Williams

Paulette Williams

Dr. Mary Margaret (Creagh) Wood