Buddhist New Year

The community celebrated Buddhist New Year, which, along with Pchum Ben, is one of the most important religious festivals. Celebrations took place during April and May at Wat Veluvana, Wat Lao Buddharaska, and Wat Lao Buddha Vihara.

Open House

Our Community Partners (Mr. Visanou Khamphouy, Ms. Samoeuy Chim, Mr. Heang Chhun, Mr. Khiaw Srihanouvong) and Dr. Denise Lewis hosted an Open House in December. Community members learned about project, toured the office space, and learned about the progress made since the project started. See below for pictures.

Spotlight on Our Community Partner, Mr. Heang Chunn

In the Fall, Mr. Heang Chunn was interviewed by Alabama Public Television for a documentary about the wars in Southeast Asia. Watch his interview here.


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Mr. Heang Chunn (left) and Mr. Visanou Khamphouy (right) meet to talk about Buddhist New Year.
The Khmer temple in October, 2017.
Pchum Ben, a Buddhist religious festival honoring the ancestors, at the Khmer temple in October, 2017.
Kathen Bun, or the Festival of the Monk Robes, at the Lao-Thai temple. During the ceremony, saffron robes (jivara) are offered to honor the monks in addition to other gifts.
Great turnout at the Open House in December, 2017.
New Year celebrations at Wat Veluvana.