Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

Our Beliefs

The poster on the right is meant to show that racial justice and support for marginalized communities cannot be separated from the practice of science. We must actively work to recognize the obstacles that scientists (and potential scientists) from marginalized communities face, and dismantle structures of power that prevent them from succeeding. We must also consider the effects of our research and research choices on marginalized communities.

Posters are free to download and print, and you are welcome to modify them to fit your lab or make them more inclusive as long as they stay free and you share the pledge along with the files!

Undergraduate Research Assistants Wanted

The DCN lab is currently seeking research assistants to help in data collection and participant recruitment. This is a great opportunity for undergraduate students who are looking for research experience. 

You will be involved with many aspects of the research process and will acquire skills and experience that will be invaluable for those interested in pursuing graduate programs. We are particularly interested in students who have interests and backgrounds in neuroscience, biology, statistics, computer programming, and psychology.

We are happy to work with students who require research credits.

Email Dr. Geier with information on your academic background and research interests. 

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