LEGACY Together Project Staff

  • Emilie Phillips Smith, Ph.D.

    Emilie Phillips Smith, Ph.D.

    Principal Investigator

    Emilie Smith, PhD, is a Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at The University of Georgia. She is Director of the LEGACY Together afterschool project that has reached over 76 programs and 1200 children and staff across Pennsylvania. Her work explores the importance of attending to the family, peer, and community settings in which youth and families develop, with particular attention to the influences of identity, culture, and socio-economic status.

  • Howard Rosen, Ph.D.

    Howard Rosen, Ph.D.

    Co-Investigator, Implemetation

    Howard Rosen, PhD, is a PA licensed psychologist and President of Hempfield Behavioral Health, Inc. His mission with HBH is to take proven programs for the prevention or treatment of child abuse, delinquency, youth violence, school failure, and mental illness and implement them under actual community-based conditions.

  • Alison Rosen, M.Ed.

    Alison Rosen, M.Ed.

    Licensed PAX-GBG Consultant

    Alison Rosen, MEd, is an experienced educator who is licensed to train and consult on the PAX-GBG curriculum. She is Vice-President of Prevention Services at Hempfield Behavior Health, Inc. She has served as the primary PAX Good Behavior Game Consultant and Developer for the LEGACY Together Project.

  • Beverly Vandiver, Ph.D.

    Beverly Vandiver, Ph.D.

    Collaborator with LEGACY Together

    Beverly Vandiver, PhD, a collaborator with the LEGACY Project, currently works at Western Michigan University in the Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology Department. She operates from a scientist-practitioner model; thus, she takes an evidence-based approach to clinical practice. She has worked with diverse population across all ages in a variety of settings (e.g., schools, mental health centers). Her research line has multiple strands, measurement, scale development and cultural identities.

  • Dawn Witherspoon, Ph.D.

    Dawn Witherspoon, Ph.D.

    Collaborator with LEGACY Together

    Dawn Witherspoon, PhD, is a collaborator with the LEGACY Project, currently working in the Developmental Psychology Department at Penn State University. Her research focuses on the ways in which urban and rural families and youth are influenced by the contexts in which they are embedded, particularly focusing on how neighborhood, school, and family factors affect adolescent's adjustment (i.e., academic, psycho-social, and behavioral well-being).

  • Jaelyn R. Farris, Ph.D.

    Jaelyn R. Farris, Ph.D.

    Collaborator with LEGACY Together

    Jaelyn R. Farris, PhD,is an Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Penn State Harrisburg. As a collaborator on the LEGACY Together Project, she maintains a general interest in the promotion of positive development among at-risk youth and is currently pursuing research on the delivery of interventions in the context of families and after-school programming. Dr. Farris has more than 20 scholarly publications, including numerous journal articles and two books.

  • Wayne Osgood

    Wayne Osgood

    Collaborator with LEGACY Together

    Wayne Osgood, PhD, is a professor of Criminology and Sociology of Department of Sociology at Penn State University. He conducts research on a variety of topics concerning delinquency and other problem behaviors during adolescence and early adulthood. The major focus of his current work is adolescents' friendship networks.

  • Dian Yu

    Dian Yu

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Dian Yu is a graduate student in the accelerated Master-PhD program in the Department of Human Development and Family Science at The University of Georgia.

  • Zehua Cui

    Zehua Cui

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Zehua Cui is a doctoral student in the Department of Human Development and Family Science at The University of Georgia.

PAX Good Behavior Game Staff

  • Dennis Embry

    Dennis Embry

    Author of the PAX Good Behavior Game

    Dennis Embry, PhD, is the author of the PAX Good Behavior Game, and was a graduate student with the authors of the original Good Behavior Game. Dr. Embry has a Ph.D. in child and developmental psychology and the President/CEO of PAXIS Institute in Tucson, Arizona. PAXIS Institute has been founded to encourage the extensive collaboration between the science and practice of prevention in the United States and internationally. Dr. Embry has an international reputation in the area of designing, testing and disseminating effective large-scale educational campaigns to increase school and community safety, child safety, family well-being and health.

  • Claire Richardson

    Claire Richardson

    School, Community and State Program Director, Lead international Trainer for the PAX Good Behavior Game

    Claire is one of the co-authors of the PAX Good Behavior Game™. She provides frequent workshops and lectures along with Dr. Dennis Embry on children’s brain development, prevention and social policy using low-cost or no-cost practices. She also gives workshops and presentations on low-cost or no cost ways to prevent the harmful things that are impacting our children. In addition to her 20+ years of experience in prevention, Claire has extensive experience in parent education and support. She is accredited in Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) and has been working with Triple P International to expand their work in the United States.

  • Bea Ramirez

    Bea Ramirez

    Director of Marketing

    Bea began her professional life as a classroom teacher at an inner city high school in El Paso, TX followed by a few years teaching Language Arts at the junior high level. From the classroom she segued into financial services where she spent the next 20 years, the last five years of which were spent with UBS. A lucky break (and a good social network) brought her to PAXIS Institute where she has been blessed to be a member of the team for several years.

  • Erin Roepcke, LMSW

    Erin Roepcke, LMSW

    Development Manager

    Erin brings a varied background to her work at PAXIS including experience in performance, education, program development, parenting and parent education, integrated health and family therapy. Erin began her college career in vocal performance, but ultimately earned a BS in Family Studies and Human Development and served 2-years with Teach for America in Washington, DC. While her focus since 2003 has been parenting her own and “bonus” children that have entered her life, she also worked to develop and implement community and private programming for children, youth and family.

PAL Project Staff

  • Phillip D. Tomporoski

    Phillip D. Tomporoski

    Principal Investigator

    Phillip D. Tomporowski, PhD, is the principal investigator of the Physical Activity and Learning Program (PAL). He is a professor in the Department of Kinesiology at The University of Georgia. His expertise in the research areas is exercise and cognition, exercise and development, physical activity interventions and skill development. His research interests include mental engagement, skill acquisition and physical activity and learning.

  • Phillip D. Tomporoski

    Bryan McCullick

    Bryan McCullick

    Bryan McCullick, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Kinesiology (Physical Education) at The University of Georgia. At the University of Georgia, Dr. McCullick instructs the Elementary Physical Education methods courses for both majors and non-majors and a graduate course in Approaches to Sport Pedagogy while coordinating the Health and Physical Education Program in the Department of Kinesiology.

  • Danny Pendleton

    Danny Pendleton

    Research Professional II

    Daniel M. Pendleton is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Kinesiology at The University of Georgia.