MIECHV Columbus Muscogee County Project Staff

  • Emilie Phillips Smith, Ph.D.

    Emilie Phillips Smith, Ph.D.

    Principal Investigator

    Emilie Smith, PhD, is a Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at The University of Georgia. She is the PI of the MIECHV Project. Her work explores the importance of attending to the family, peer, and community settings in which youth and families develop, with particular attention to the influences of identity, culture, and socio-economic status. She has been involved in several large-scale statewide and national studies designed to support parents and caregivers help young people succeed.

  • Deborah Murray

    Deborah Murray

    Principal Investigator

    As the Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach, Dr. Deborah Murray leads the college to fulfill the land-grant university mission of providing Georgia’s residents, businesses and communities’ access to quality outreach educational experiences and the institutions’ knowledge base. She fosters integrated approaches to program development and evaluation by providing strong and effective leadership of FACS Extension Specialists and Public Service and Outreach faculty at UGA and other affiliated institutions.

  • Rhea Bentley

    Rhea Bentley

    Project Director

    As the Columbus-Muscogee County Family and Consumer Science Agent and County Extension Coordinator Rhea is responsible for implementing the Family and Consumer Sciences program Great Start Gerogia/MIECHV and the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) in Columbus-Muscogee; and is responsible for the day to day operations of the two Columbus-Muscogee Extension office, personnel and budget management.

  • Jennifer Hayes

    Jennifer Hayes

    Program Manager of Great Start Georgia/ Healthy Families Georgia

  • Tammy Keith

    Tammy Keith

    Supervisor/ Parent Educator of Great Start Georgia/ Parents As Teachers

  • Dian Yu

    Dian Yu

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Dian Yu is a graduate student in the accelerated Master-PhD program in the Department of Human Development and Family Science at The University of Georgia.

Home Visiting Staff

  • Kristy Claxton

    Kristy Claxton

    Healthy Families Georgia Clinical Supervisor

  • Ashley Maddox

    Ashley Maddox

    Healthy Families Georgia Home Visitor

  • Villacia Jones

    Villacia Jones

    Healthy Families Georgia Home Visitor

  • Titi Turner

    Titi Turner

    Healthy Families Georgia Home Visitor

  • Susie Allison

    Susie Allison

    Healthy Families Georgia Home Visitor

  • Nicole Copeland

    Nicole Copeland

    First Steps Coordinator

  • Jennifer Winnie

    Jennifer Winnie

    Parents as Teachers Lead Parent Educator

  • Charlotte Barnett

    Charlotte Barnett

    Parents as Teachers Parent Educator

  • Shalona McCree

    Shalona McCree

    Parents as Teachers Parent Educator

  • Judy Phillips

    Judy Phillips

    Parents as Teachers Parent Educator