Apply to Ph.D.

Deadline: Application and documents are due by December 1, 2022 for Fall 2023 matriculation.

Before applying:

  1. Did you review the application requirements for HDFS Ph.D.?
  2. Did you apply to the Graduate School?
  3. Do you have the following items saved and ready to upload:
    • Personal Statement
    • Social Justice Statement
    • Writing Sample (Optional)
    • Video (Optional)
Format: 000-000-0000

This statement is an important part of your application for admission to any graduate program in the Department of Human Development and Family Science. Please elaborate on how your long-term professional goals fit within the mission of the department and of the HDFS Program and your goals enhance the well-being of diverse families in a changing world through scholarly research, teaching, clinical engagement and outreach. Specifically address:

  • What content areas of research and methods do you hope to pursue as a doctoral student and beyond (i.e., specific problems or issues, research questions, types of families/relationships, types of research methods/approaches)?
  • What types of research experiences have prepared you for a doctoral program in Human Development and Family Science?
  • Please list at least two faculty members with whom you hope to work and briefly describe how your research goals and interests fit with the expertise of these faculty. View Graduate Faculty

Please elaborate on how your academic goals relate to promoting a social justice agenda that creates knowledge and serves diverse communities. What personal and professional experiences position you to with these topics/communities?

Include a sample of your writing in English (e.g., a research paper or term paper that you feel best reflects your abilities).

  • HDFS applicants may choose to submit a 5-minute video addressing the following questions:
    • Why is pursuing a Ph.D. in the HDFS program important to you?
    • How do you plan on using this degree in the future?
    • What personal attributes would you bring to the educational experience?
  • Upload your video on the Digital Portfolio page within the application. If using a link, applicants should use an internet-based service (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo) to host the video and make sure settings allow people with the video URL to view the video (i.e., unlisted setting).
  • This video is not required but can be used to supplement written application materials.
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