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Family and Community Resilience Laboratory

We are dedicated to understanding the relationship and interaction between families, communities, resiliencies, and vulnerabilities that mold human development. Our research is focused on working with children, families, and people within their communities to foster positive human development.

Our Focus

Individuals often grow as part of a family, and families reside in communities that are part of a larger society. We call this an eco-developmental perspective. To better understand the parts, it is important to understand the whole context, including:

  • The racial-ethic background
  • The socio-economic status
  • The impact of public policies, particularly upon disparities

Military Resarch and Program Evaluation

Our mission is to conduct results-oriented research and evaluation that promotes sustained well-being, empowerment, and resilience of individuals, families, communities, and those who support them.

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Our Projects

  • Great start GA the early years last a lifetime


    The MIECHV program supports home visiting services to vulnerable children and their families in 50 states, six territories and numerous tribal communities– helping them to achieve better outcomes in child health and development, school readiness and economic self-sufficiency. Early Head Start-Home Based Option, Healthy Families Georgia, Nurse-Family Partnership and Parents as teachers are the funded evidence-based home visiting programs in Georgia.

  • legacy together - strengthening afterschool programs


    The LEGACY Project is a transformational applied research project. In this project, we use an evidence-based practice, the Good Behavior Game (GBG), and “migrate” it for use in after-school programs. Pax-GBG, a version developed by the Paxis Institute, is a set of "kernels" or procedures that after-school programs use to complement the cooperative game, helping to build a community of caring adults and youth, which helps to build concentration, manners, efficacy, and teamwork.

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