The Family and Community Resilience Laboratory (FCRL) was established in October of 2009 at The University of Georgia, under the leadership of Dr. Jay A. Mancini.

The lab is located in the Department of Human Development and Family Science (HDFS) within the College of Family and Consumer Sciences. The focus of the lab is to understand the intersection between families, individuals, resilience, and vulnerability. This focus pre-dates the establishment of the lab at Georgia and follows a developmental trajectory of more than a decade.

With continuous partnership with colleagues including Gary L. Bowen, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina), Lydia Marek, Ph.D. (Virginia Tech), Dennis Orthner, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina), and Hugh Milroy (Veterans Chief Executive, United Kingdom), the social organizational theory community action and change emerged. This concept primarily explains the development of community capacity as a key ingredient in achieving community change and resilience.

From its modest beginnings with its first project from the Army in October, 2009, the lab is now home to three active projects, several full-time researchers, consultants, and numerous graduate assistants from various departments at The University of Georgia. Below is a brief description of the lab’s history and personnel hires that continue to sustain the workforce of FCRL.

The Family and Community Resilience Laboratory celebrates the life of our friend and colleague, William Giles, who died on January 26, 2013. Bill has been a constant part of Dr. Mancini's research endeavors since Virginia Tech. He also played a pivotal role in establishing the UGA Family and Community Resilience Lab in 2009. We celebrate his commitment, passion, collegiality, and most importantly his generous and altruistic spirit.

  • Beginnings

    FCRL was established and housed in Dawson Hall room 261. The first Army project was funded. Researchers at this time included Principal Investigator, Dr. Jay A. Mancini, research coordinator, Dr. Jim Ford, and fiscal manager, William Giles.

  • First Assistants

    The first graduate assistants were hired (including Neila Fricks, Claire Elliott, and Kim Hausman).

  • More Assistants

    Brittany Linde, Hao-Min Chen, Megan McCoy, Leslie Gladney, and Tae Lee joined the team as research assistants.

  • New Projects

    The Joint Family Support Assistance Program (JFSAP) and Community Capacity Building (CCB) projects were funded.

  • CCB Team Additions

    A Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dr. Laura Arnold, came on as FCRL's first full time hire to assist with the Community Capacity Building (CCB) project. Barlynda Byrant also joined the team as a Research Professional.

  • New Assistants

    Two additional graduate research assistants joined: Meghan Dove and Deepu George.

  • Neila Fricks Joins

    Neila Fricks was brought on full time as Assistant Projects Coordinator.

  • YNS Pilot Testing

    Pilot testing was completed for the Army Youth Social Relationships Study (YNS) at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. Improvements were made to the online survey based on this pilot.

  • YNS Data Collection

    Army Youth Social Relationships Study (YNS) data collection was performed at various installations- over 1,000 youth ages 11-18 took our survey!

  • New Associate and Assistant

    A second Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dr. Mallory Lucier-Greer, and research assistant Bertranna Abrams joined FCRL.

  • FLP Pilot Testing

    Families, Army Life, and Programs Study (FLP) --pilot testing for the online survey. Survey pilot is for military family units (military member, spouse, and children).

  • FLP Data Collection

    Families, Army Life, and Programs Study (FLP) data collection was performed – over 220 families took our surveys!

  • Catie Walker O’Neal Joins

    Catie Walker O’Neal, Post-doctoral Fellow, joined the team.

  • New Assistants

    Megan Oed and Bruce Ross joined the team as Research Assistants.