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LEGACY Together

The LEGACY Project uses the Pax Good Behavior Game (GBG) and “migrates” it for use in after-school programs. Pax-GBG is a set of procedures that after-school programs use to complement the cooperative game, helping to build a community of caring adults and youth, which helps to build concentration, manners, efficacy, and teamwork.

Why Afterschool?

  • Provides a safe place for youth in their communities
  • Helps youth avoid drug abuse, delinquency, and teen pregnancy
  • Reduces problem behaviors
  • Helps youth build skills and supportive relationships with adults and their peers

We Support Afterschool Staff

  • Improve after-school programs as a whole
  • Help individual programs learn ways to improve
  • Help children become more cooperative and well-behaved
  • Support staff in becoming more encouraging and focused
  • Lead to a more productive environment for everyone

PAX Good Behavior Game Engages Afterschool Program Staff and Youth


pax good behavior gameThe Good Behavior Game (PAX-GBG) has been used as an empirically-supported best practice to assist staff by making guidelines for behavior clear and involving children in helping to promote positive behavior. The cooperative game fosters fun and enjoyment among teachers and students. In longitudinal research, high-risk youth exposed to GBG in first grade were less likely to use drugs or be aggressive in middle school and in early adulthood. In this applied research project, we work with program staff to adapt GBG to PAL program.

In Afterschool

Over the past 7 years, 76 urban and rural elementary after-school sites have been involved in the LEGACY Together project representing participants of diverse socio-economic, geographic, and racial-ethnic backgrounds. In randomly assigned trials, we found that after-school program sites which receive program support and coaching in PAX-GBG benefits both programs and youth development.

Our New Partner: The PAL Program

physical activity and learning after school (PAL) Now we are working with PAL Project which focuses on fostering physical activity among elementary students in Athens-Clark County schools.

About PAL

The PAL Program addresses children’s physical, academic and social/emotional needs through an after-school intervention developed by five UGA faculties. Conducted at two Clarke County elementary schools, the PAL program combines mentally engaging exercise games with instruction in reading and mathematics.

Why PAL?

The majority of children in the PAL program come from low-income families; these children benefit from the enrichment experiences provided by motivated UGA teachers and volunteers. The PAL program is unique because it addresses not only children’s health and academic needs but also their social and emotional needs. Benefits include:

  • Increasing their physical fitness
  • Improving their reading and mathematics skills
  • Teaching them to work cooperatively
  • Teaching problem-solving skills
  • Enabling them to experience success


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