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Military Research and Evaluation

We are dedicated to understanding the relationship and interaction between families, communities, resiliencies, and vulnerabilities that mold human development.

Our mission is to conduct results-oriented research and evaluation that promotes sustained well-being, empowerment, and resilience of individuals, families, communities, and those who support them.

We thank you for visiting our website and hope you come back often to see updates on our projects, future developments, and how FCRL continues to understand and impact the intersection between families and communities.

Recent Publications

Parental Military Service and Adolescent Well-Being: Mental Health, Social Connections, and Coping Among Youth in the USA

Adolescent Mental Health and Academic Functioning: Empirical Support for Contrasting Models of Risk and Vulnerability (in press)

Adverse Childhood Experiences, Family Functioning, and Resilience in Military Families: A Pattern-Based Approach (in press)

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