Refugee Responsiveness Program

Primary Investigators: Denise C. Lewis, Ph.D. and Desiree M. Seponski, Ph.D.

With a team of researchers, we have developed a series called Refugee Responsiveness Program (RRP) in collaboraton with Jubilee Partners, a refugee resettlement organization. RRP consists of a comprehensive set of 2-hour interactive workshops teaching a variety of topics of locally identitified interests and needs for refugee families in the U.S., including nutrition, dental health, women's health, parenting, legalities/citizenship, finances, employment, mental health, and culture shock.


2017-Present: Danielle A. Augustine

2015-2017: Charity Mokgaetji Somo

2014-2016: Savannah Spivey Young

Project LEAF

Project LEAF (Learning through the Environment, Art, and Food) serves multicultural children and teens in Georgia. Through this developmentally appropriate, culturally sensitive program, children learn how to balance their family heritage with their development in the rural Southeastern U.S. by learning about their environment, foods and nutrition, and art and identity. Collaborating with Casa de Amistad, a local nonprofit serving the local Hispanic community, LEAF facilitators work with young Hispanic children (ages 4-12) to teach lessons on one of four overarching topics: Foods and Nutrition; Environment and Hygiene; Art and Identity; and Self-Regulation.