In HDFS, there are so many paths you can take. These range anywhere in the realms of Business, Consumer, and Family Services, Community-Based Social Services, Education, Family Intervention, Faith-Based Organizations, Child Life Specialists, Government and Public Policy, Healthcare, and Research.

What can I do with a degree in HDFS?

National Council on Family Relations Careers in Family Science Infographic

What can't you do with a degree in HDFS?

Learn more about employment opportunities and our graduates through the UGA Career Center HDFS Career Guide and the Career Center Outcome Survey.

You can find relevant jobs on The National Council on Family Relations Jobs Center, or use their Careers in Family Science Infographic and Student Resources as you think about your career options.

  • Prevention/Intervention Track

    Prepare for graduate study in prevention and intervention fields such as Family Life Education Professional Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Social Work and Policy/Law.

    4 Year Plan
  • Child Life Track

    The emphasis in Child Life prepares you to work with children and families in healthcare settings. You will learn about the unique effects of hospitalization on children and families.

  • Individuals with Disabilities Certificate

    This track prepares students to work directly with individuals with disabilities, their family members, and in advocacy positions for individuals with disabilities.

    4 Year Plan
  • Health Related Careers

    This track is for those interested in entering health careers such as pre-med, pre-occupational therapy, pre-physical therapy, speech language pathologist, physician assistant.

    4 Year Plan

Dual Degrees

You can combine your major in HDFS with other fields (Psychology, Public Health, Early Childhood, or Sociology) to earn two degrees!


Whatever your career path, all Human Development and Family Science students are required to complete an internship. During this educational applied learning experience, you have the opportunity to apply your knowledge in a personal way to help you obtain your future goals.