Healthy couple relationships lead to more positive parenting and better outcomes for children.

The responsibilities of parenting add heavy demands on all couples. Negotiating these changes can often become a source of tension.  Creating a positive atmosphere during the transition to parenthood allows children to grow and flourish. Our Elevate program will provide you and your partner with strategies to manage stress and conflict while strengthening your relationship.

About Elevate

Elevate is a relationship and marriage education (RME) program. RME is not therapy, but is a program that involves teaching principles and skills that parents can use to better manage stress and conflict and improve their relationships. During our program, couples engage in learning about seven core principles of healthy relationships:

  1. Making Intentional Relationship choices
  2. Maintaining Physical, Sexual, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness
  3. Maintaining Knowledge of your partner’s world
  4. Using nurturing, caring, and affectionate behaviors
  5. Developing and Maintaining Couple identity
  6. Dealing with differences in healthy ways
  7. Engaging in a positive social network of support

What Couples Receive

  • A no cost, 8-hour educational program – classes meet once a week for 4 weeks.
  • A free meal and on-site childcare (space is limited) at each class.
  • Up to $80 in gift cards for attending all 4 classes.
  • Each partner who participates in our research by completing 2 surveys can also earn up to $125.00.

Want Economic Stability?

Economic instability is a source of stress for many families. Learning skills to build financial capability – the capacity to build and manage financial resources effectively – can help families make progress toward lasting economic stability which can reduce conflict and improve couple and co-parenting relationships. Couples who complete Elevate also have an opportunity to participate in our free Discovering Money Solutions program.

About Elevate

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What do participants think?

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