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For Single Parents

Children do best when their parents work together.

Parenting together for parents who are apart can be challenging. Negotiating schedules, balancing each other’s needs with the needs of your child, and finding ways to work together to support your child can cause stress that leads to conflict. Our Together We Can program is specifically designed to help unmarried and single parents find ways to manage these challenges.

About Together We Can

Together We Can is a relationship education program. This is not therapy!  During our program, single parents engage in fun activities and learn skills to:

  • Manage stress and conflict in healthy ways to provide their child a safe and stable home.
  • Set goals to promote and create a healthy future for their children.
  • Maintain a friendly and cooperative co-parenting relationship that enables them to work together in raising their child.
  • Encourage ongoing and positive involvement of both parents, especially the father whenever possible, in their children’s lives.
  • Make healthy choices (with their child’s best interests in mind) in future romantic relationships.

What Parents Receive

  • A no cost, 8-hour educational program (VIRTUAL CLASSES FOR SUMMER 2020).
  • Up to a $150 gift card from Amazon.com for completing the program.
  • Each parent who participates in our research can also earn up to $175.00.

Want Economic Stability?

Economic instability is a source of stress for many families. Learning skills to build financial capability – the capacity to build and manage financial resources effectively – can help families make progress toward lasting economic stability which can reduce conflict and improve couple and co-parenting relationships. Parents who complete Together We Can also have an opportunity to participate in our free Discovering Money Solutions program.

What do participants think?

Listen to what one participant has to say below. Want to hear from more participants? View all video testimonials.

About Together We Can

TWC Mother - "It was more than just a class..."

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