Masters in Public Administration (MPA)
​Certified Community Guide

Office: 770-808-3152
Fax: 770-322-3197

I’m Brinca McMickens a native of Atlanta and a residence of Dekalb County with over 20 years experience working in the community assisting families with locating resources for supports and services for persons with challenged lifestyles.  For many of those years, I spent time advocating on local, state and federal levels, earning respect as a human  rights advocate who’s not afraid to speak up for our community.

My education includes degrees in Business Management and Finance, along with certifications in Project Management and Financial Planning which piggybacks my professional background ranging from budget analyst to administrative and human resources management.  Currently I am a financial consultant for a financial ministry, a member of The Hereafter Foundation and The Caring and Sharing Foundation.

I am most proud to be the mother of a person with severe developmental disabilities, for whom I’ve successfully managed to self-direct supports and services for many years. Over the years I’ve served as an educator for parents with kids with special needs, teaching parents how to maintain a career while caring for a child with a challenged lifestyle. Because of my personal investment and interests, I have a strong passion for contributing to the well-being of people living with special needs.

My ultimate goal is to empower families who have the desire to self-direct support services.  As a community guide I will help to define and direct supports and services for those individuals or representatives who chooses the participant directed model under the COMP or NOW waivers, by providing assistance directly in:

  • service planning,
  • decision making,
  • organizing,
  • budgeting,
  • financial management,
  • human resources functions,
  • payroll,
  • record keeping and  
  • finding alternative resources to meet the goals outlined in an Individual Service Plan (ISP).

My desire is to assist you in planning, prioritizing and perfecting the goals outlined in the ISP and to assist you in taking ownership with added value.