235 Greenwood Circle 
Decatur, GA  30030

Home Phone:  404-373-9515
Cell Phone – 404-216-2971

Email: doreenbkab@gmail.com

I am Doreen Gladis, a newly certified Community Guide.  I would like to be your Community Guide.  As a Community Guide I can assist you with the paperwork required and get set up with a fiscal agent in order to self direct.  I can help you write job descriptions and with recruiting, screening, hiring, training, managing, evaluating and changing employees.  I will work with you in exploring available community resources, including educational, social, cultural and recreational opportunities

For the past fifteen years I have been employed in sales and merchandising for major companies.  As part of my responsibilities I hired, trained, supervised, and evaluated new employees.  I was also responsible for applicant recruitment, processing pre-employment paperwork and orientation.  I am a member of the ARC, GA Autism Society and IDEAS, a support group for families who have a child or family member affected by Chromosome 15Q duplication.  I have and undergraduate degree in Social Work and have been a VISTA volunteer and a mentor for parents of children with developmental disabilities. I began my career working in a DHR agency coordinating Volunteer Services. I enjoy gardening, jewelry making and sailing.

I am the mother of a son who experiences severe developmental, emotional and medical disabilities.  I have been advocating for him for nearly 19 years, and continue to advocate for him as he enters adulthood. As a result, I am very familiar with many of the agency providers and services in the community.  I am committed to the goal that all people with disabilities should be encouraged and supported in the community to advance to their fullest potential, realizing that the potential will be different for each individual depending on their challenges, their community and society.

I am available to work for individuals residing in DeKalb and south Gwinnett counties.  If you are interested in employing a Community Guide I am just a phone call or email away.  We can talk about what you need and I’ll let you know what I can do to help.