IHDD ranks as one of UGA's oldest continuously-funded federal programs? 

IHDD works with people who have disabilities and others, to ensure that all people can achieve their highest capacity and quality of life.

President John F. Kennedy is responsible for the existence of IHDD and the other 66 centers known as UCEDD’s?

The first university-based entities for individuals with developmental disabilities were authorized in Title 1, Part B of Public Law 88-164. This Act was signed into law on October 31, 1963, by, just 22 days before Kennedy was assassinated. 

People with disabilities make up about 20% of the population but are featured in less than 2% of the images we see in the media. 

Here at IHDD, we believe that all individuals, families, and communities are unique and have inherent value. The Disability Collection of stock photography seeks to change the statistic above where all people are created and seen equal. Read More

IHDD's Disability Studies Certificate Program was ranked #17 of the Top 20 Best Deals for Disability Studies by Great College Deals in 2016. 

The purpose of the Disability Studies Certificate Program is to provide the students at the University of Georgia with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to become professionals and leaders who are capable of implementing change in attitudes, policy, and practice across the nation. These professionals will promote the true inclusion of all individuals with disabilities as fully-participating members of our communities and nation, with all the rights accorded to every citizen.