Upon completion of the Disability Studies Certificate program, students will:

  • Illustrate interdisciplinary knowledge of how disability is socially constructed and represented.
  • Identify the interaction between historical events and longstanding customs related to the treatment of people with disabilities and contemporary political, social, and economic issues.
  • Demonstrate understanding of local, national, and global social policy regarding people with disabilities to develop an awareness of disability as a diversity and civil rights issue.    
  • Explain the ways in which a person’s perceived ability by others may affect his or her full participation in society.    
  • Demonstrate increased comfort in interacting with people with disabilities, application of respectful interaction and language; and interest in understanding, supporting, and advocating for people with disabilities in the future.

PART I: Required Course Work

IHDD 2001: Introduction to Disabilities | Fall and Spring Semester  *meets UGA’s Social Science Core Requirement

IHDD 6001: Introduction to Disabilities (for graduate students) | Fall Semester

IHDD 4050/6050: Critical Issues in Disability Studies | Spring Semester  

PART II: Electives


IHDD 3010: Directed Study | Fall, Spring and Summer Semester  

IHDD 2050(S): Principles of Person Centered Practices | Fall and Spring Semester  *for Destination Dawgs Peer Mentors

IHDD 4002(S): Disability Issues in Adulthood | Fall Semester (alternate)

IHDD 4005(S): Disability Issues in Childhood & Adolescence | Fall Semester (alternate)  

IHDD 5000(S): Disability in the Archives

IHDD 5720(S): Advocacy Practices for Social Change | Fall Semester (alternate)

Courses with disability content offered outside of IHDD may be counted. Please inquire with the Program Coordinator regarding approved external courses.


IHDD 7000(S): Disability in the Archives

IHDD 7010 – Directed Study | Fall, Spring, Summer

IHDD 6002(S) – Disability Issues in Adulthood | Fall (alternate semesters)

IHDD 6005(S) – Disability Issues in Childhood & Adolescence | Fall (alternate semesters)

IHDD 7720(S) – Advocacy Practices for Social Change | Fall (alternate semesters)

Thesis, dissertations, or capstone projects with a disability focus may be counted towards the required credit hours.

IHDD 2001 meets on Tues/Thurs from 2:00 - 3:15. IHDD 4050/6050 and all IHDD electives (except 3010/7010) meet on Tues/Thurs from 3:30 - 4:45.