Marian understands the world of disability from many perspectives. She is a person with a disability herself and the parent of an adult with a disability. After a childhood of poverty, discrimination and living in isolation without support for many years, Marian discovered self-advocacy through groups and services that empower people with disabilities to find the support that they need.

Meeting and working with others in the disability movement dramatically changed Marian’s life. Now, she is on a mission to teach others how it feels to be empowered and to work together for social change. Marian has an infectious enthusiasm as she inspires others to take control of their own lives and speak out about their own experiences with disability.

Marian has served as the President and Secretary of People First of Georgia and is a member of Atlanta ADAPT (American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today). Most recently Marion presented at Georgia Better All Together Conference in Athens Georgia 2006 National Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered Conference in Atlanta; and 2006 Class of Georgia Voices that Count.

Audience reaction to Marian is enthusiastic: "Wish we could have [Marian’s] presentation recorded," “It is true what she says!,” and "[I would like to hear] more speakers like that!”