Farm Again is program at the University of Georgia that is made of different grants that serve individuals employed in production agriculture. The projects directly serve individuals that may have conditions (i.e. arthritis, diabetes, spinal cord injury) that make performing certain farm tasks difficult.

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AgrAbility is primarily focused on work site accommodations and technology that can enable an individual with injuries, disabilities and/or chronic health condition to remain productive. You or someone you know may benefit from:

  • Technical Assistance
    • Farm Again provides direct assistance to agricultural families with assistive technology, work site modifications, and independent living. We can also assist with starting a new farm operation (including growing organically).
  • Information Sharing
    • Farm Again provides information through individual contacts, distribution of resources, agency referrals and public education.
  • Professional Training
    • Farm Again provides training opportunities on available resources and assistive technology for consumers and professionals.  Contact us for more information about presenting to your organization or group.

Who is eligible?

  • Those eligible for Farm Again services may be an owner or employee in a production agriculture setting with any type of disability or chronic health condition. It is a free service.  


Do you live in Georgia? Do you have a disability or chronic health condition? Are you new to farming? Are you wanting to start a small scale farming enterprise? Are you ready to put in the hard work that owning your a business requires? If you answered yes to these questions, our Ag-Start project may be able to help you.  We accept three new farmers each calendar year into our incubator program. If you are selected, the Ag-Start project will provide the following:

  • Work with you as a team to design your agricultural operation. We will aide in conducting market research for your area to determine the best crops to grow.
  • We will identify training to prepare you in your new business venture. This will involve a variety of workshops and mentors hip opportunities.
  • We will aide in finding funding to start your new business enterprise.
  • We will involve a variety of students at the University of Georgia to aide with everything from market research to graphic design.

Farm Boot Camp  

The Farm Boot Camp is a series of workshops that assist beginning farmers with small operations.  Workshops vary from how to drive a tractor to finding funding.  Workshops are open to the public.  

Food Safety Training for Military Veterans

Workshops on food safety are available for military veterans that either new to farming or have an existing farm.

Farm and Garden Learning Station 

It is a mobile learning lab in which we can show the various technologies and worksite accommodations available to farmers who experience mobility, memory and other issues.  We also showcase information on different commodities to assist beginning farmers (i.e. how to start a beekeeping operation).   At the Expo each year we bring the Farm and Garden Learning Station so people can see firsthand the many technologies and services that are available.  We have a wide variety of vendors that will showcase their products.  In the future we also hope to have a physical farm that individuals can visit year around.

Meet the Staff

Rebecca Brightwell: Co-Director / Public Service Faculty

Rebecca has been with FarmAgain since 2005.  She brings a wealth of experience in the agreas of assistive technology, universal design/ universal design for learning, curriculum development and business planning.  Her love of agriculture runs deep.  Her family owned a cotton gin for over 80 years in Olgethorpe County.  She is in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences / Institute on Human Development and Disability.

Rebecca Brightwell

Glen Rains: Co-Director / Professor 

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Glen Rains

Kristen McHugh:  Program Manager of Rural Health Initiatives

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Kristen McHugh

Kyle Haney:  North Georgia Field Services Coordinator


Kyle Haney

Mason Dean:  South Georgia Field Coordinator


Mason Dean

Gary Burnham:  Fabrication Specialist


Gary Burnham

Paige Tidwell:  Vocational Specialist


Kyle Haney

Whitney Ostrander:  Outreach and Dissemination Coordinator


Whitney Ostrander

Chris Dorsey:  Veteran Relations Coordinaor


Chris Dorsey

Judy Harrison:  Professor and Extension Foods Specialist


Judy Harrison