WorkWorks is located in the Institute on Human Development and Disability and is a unit of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia. As we provide services to Georgians and citizens nationwide, we are committed to a structure that responds to new initiatives with the same quality service and responsiveness our customers currently enjoy

Through a faculty emphasizing individual creativity and outstanding customer service, WorkWorks, formerly Human Services Management Institute, provides developmental experiences to people who value choice and meaningful careers for persons with disabilities and youth at risk. Our mission is to create an environment where individuals with disabilities and youth at risk are independent and enjoy careers of choice.

Founded in 1978, the Human Services Management Institute (now WorkWorks) has a successful history of providing unique human resource development experiences to individuals concerned with rehabilitation and disability issues.

Our emphasis continues to be on outcomes and changing organizational culture; promoting choice and meaningful careers for people with disabilities; and, providing outstanding customer service. More recently, our emphasis has expanded to include youth at risk. Our mission is accomplished through many individuals who participate in our skill development offerings, organizational development experiences, and community intervention activities.

Initiatives include:

Development and dissemination of a questionnaire and method to evaluate customer satisfaction with rehabilitation - ED/OSERS/NIDRR.

The purpose of this initiative was twofold: 1) to develop an instrument and methodology for the collection of data regarding consumer satisfaction with rehabilitation services, and 2) to disseminate information about the use of the instrument and analysis of data that is provided by the instrument. A consumer satisfaction instrument was developed specifically for rehabilitation programs. The Institute developed a survey methodology designed to generate the highest possible response rate in order to assure that the rehabilitation program is getting an accurate assessment of satisfaction. If satisfaction can be maximized, ultimately fewer customers will drop out and more customers will be successful in reaching employment and other important goals.

Distance education certificate program for job coaches and employment specialists who provide employment support to individuals with the most severe disabilities - ED/OSERS/RSA.

WorkWorks offers a competency-based, certificate training program and a peer support network for job coaches and employment specialists. The 160 hour program, is offered through on-line distance education. Individuals who complete the program will be prepared to provide employment assistance to individuals with the most severe disabilities through job development and job placement services as well as other services that assure self-determination and community integration.

Self-advocacy program for individuals with disabilities - ED/OSERS/RSA.

This initiative targeted individuals with disabilities (adults and public school students at risk) who reside in the Central Savannah River Area Enterprise Community and the Southwest Georgia United Empowerment Zone. A community intervention and self-advocacy program was being developed and demonstrated. Individuals with disabilities created opportunities for themselves in finding and keeping meaningful competitive career employment and fully participating in their communities.