The National Web Based Training Project is a certification program designed for Job Coaches and Employment Specialists who assist persons with significant disabilities to direct their own support systems and to become successfully employed in careers they choose and with which they are satisfied for an extended period of time. The program’s purpose is to provide a certificate, competency based program to current and potential employees of public and nonprofit private agencies that offer employment services to persons with the most significant disabilities.

The on-line training program is an 160 contact hour course offered over up to 40 weeks. There are 9 units of on-line instruction, job-based assignments, and discussion sessions. Through extensive information sharing, all persons who work as job coaches and employment specialists will have the opportunity to participate in a peer support system on the internet. An on-line seminar on use of the WEB will be available at all times.


  • This course offers a flexible training format for fitting staff development into a daily work setting.
  • Job coaches/employment specialists will be able to enhance their knowledge, and increase their level of professionalism through this certification program.
  • Job coaches and employment specialists can interact online in order to learn about different ways to help people with significant disabilities get and keep jobs.
  • Information and resources are current and are continually being gathered from experts in supported employment.
  • Job coaches/employment specialists will learn and apply practical methods of solving problems and assisting people with significant disabilities as they gain and maintain employment.


  • Job coaches/employment specialists will have the skills to provide the work-related assistance that individuals need to get and keep jobs.
  • Job coaches/employment specialists will learn marketing approaches which include assessing how the employer will be affected by employing an individual with a most severe disability.
  • Job coaches/employment specialists will recognize the importance of spending time in a company in order to learn about the natural supports available.
  • Job coaches/employment specialists will learn strategies for addressing negative employer attitudes.
  • Individuals with disabilities will be able to make choices at all times during the employment process.
  • Individuals with disabilities will be integrated into the workplace.
  • The job coach/employment specialist position will be enhanced by this certificate program.